Like we needed ANOTHER reason to hit-up Selfridges

Selfridges new everyBODY campaign and Body Studio hits the sweet spot for beauty lovers

Selfridges main
Selfridges main

Selfridges new everyBODY campaign and Body Studio hits the sweet spot for beauty lovers

There’s nothing that fills us with more dread then when we know we have to make a mad dash around the shops after work. The thought of making awkward eye contact whilst getting squashed on the tube all the way to Oxford Circus, is, quite frankly saddening.

Yes, we enjoy shopping. Yes, we may have run out of our favourite cleanser, but elbowing our way through a throng of after-work shoppers is not our idea of fun. Here’s what a good evening looks like: binge-watching our latest reality TV fix from the comfort of our sofa. The end.

It’s this bone idleness that means we could happily kiss the feet of the powers that be at Selfridges. Their new Body Studio launches this spring and means we – and others like us suffering from lazyitis - now have a one-stop shop for all things body: fitness, lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and sportswear. Plus, Daniel Galvin’s newest salon space where you can go for a glossy blowout or some curl maintenance with their new Kérastase Cuts For Curls menu.

The under-one-roof beauty hub means you can get fitted for a new bra, buy a new bikini and grab a bite to eat at the Hemsley Hemsley Café (just think of the Instagrammable courgetti!) Like we need an excuse to get excited for the summer holidays.

After eating super clean you’ll probably feel mega-motivated and book on to a Psycle class to workout to endless tunes…or Yoga - whatever floats your boat.

If working out isn’t your thing, take your face for a cardio session – yes, your face - at Face Gym for a pick-me-up. Did somebody say glow?

This will no doubt erase that feeling of guilt after too many bottles (sorry glasses) of wine at the weekend and leave you feeling cleansed, relaxed and energised. Anything that hints at detoxing whilst being in a shoppers paradise is a win in our book.

The new everyBODY campaign for the Body Studio is putting a smile on our faces too. The visuals are down to choreographer Wayne McGregor and we at Marie Claire say kudos to anything that celebrates women’s multiple talents instead of being judged by our dress size. Expect to see plenty of real strong and beautiful bodies.

Can we get a hooray for Selfridges? You go Glen Coco!