Stop what you're doing: ClassPass are now offering beauty treatments and you'll want to try one ASAP

Did you know? Currently one-third of ClassPass credits are now being spent on wellness and beauty services.

Classpass beauty treatments: a woman having a facial

Did you know? Currently one-third of ClassPass credits are now being spent on wellness and beauty services.

You'll all have heard of ClassPass - the subscription platform which gives you access to some of the best gym classes and studios near you.

Although the platform has typically offered only fitness options, they also offer beauty and wellness treatments, too.

That's right - they offer over 5,000 beauty and wellness treatments covering everything from manicures, to deep tissue massages, to cryotherapy, to facials.

Wondering how you book? It's exactly the same as booking a fitness class. Simply load the app, check how many credits you have left, scope out which salons near you are worth trying and book away. Can't see any? Change the toggle in the top left corner from "Fitness" to "Wellness" or "Beauty" to see your options.

Don't worry, you don't even have to head in salon, if you don't fancy it - there are plenty of options to bring the beauty and wellness to your front door, with brands like blow Ltd, available on the app, coming to you. Choose from:


A treatment that promises to get rather chilly, cryo reduces your body temperature and, in doing so, encourages lymphatic drainage.

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Hair and nails

Need a hair cut, fancy getting lash extensions, or just fancy a quick express mani pedi? ClassPass offers all and that and more, with a range of salons across London offering treatments on the app.

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Sports recovery appointments

And finally, ClassPass offers several sports recovery treatments, too, such as massages, acupuncture and cupping.

And many more. What will you go for?

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"I tried the new ClassPass beauty offering - here's what I thought"

Marie Claire UK Health Editor Ally Head tried the new beauty and wellness offering on the ClassPass app - here's what she thought.

"I was excited my first beauty treatment on ClassPass for a number of reasons. Number one - because I desperately needed a facial and to show my skin some TLC. And number two - to use up those pesky end-of-month credits that always seem to build up when you haven't quite had to time to fit as many workouts in as usual."

"I booked a Fire And Ice Facial at the DermRefine London skin clinic in Mayfair, run by practitioner and pharmacist Balsam Alabassi. As someone who's long suffered from hormonal acne - thanks, PCOS - Alabassi explained that the treatment would be comprised of four separate cleanses, a cryo massage, and ten minutes of LED Light Therapy."

ClassPass beauty: Health Editor Ally Head tries the new offering

Health Editor Ally Head the day after the Fire & Ice facial

"It's called the "Fire and Ice" facial as the first mask makes your face feel hot and smells like cinnamon and clove - Alabassi compares it to Christmas - followed by a far more refreshing and soothing mask that feels much cooler - this one, she compares to New Year."

"Waking up the next day, my skin is visibly brighter and plumper, and the angry spot I had on my right cheek has calmed down. Using the app made it easier for me to find qualified specialists near me, and offered a slightly cheaper treatment price, too. I'll be back using my ClassPass account soon for more beauty treatments - credits well spent."

Ally Head
Health, Sustainability and Relationships Editor

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