Charlotte Tilbury launches the Stoned Rose Palette – go, go, go!

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  • Thought the lipstick was good? Wait until you clap your eyes on this shimmering beauty

    We didn’t think we’d hear the words ‘Charlotte Tilbury’ and ‘get stoned’ in the same sentence this side of Christmas until the new Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Palette landed on the Marie Claire beauty desk.

    And boy are you going to want to get your hands on it ASAP.

    In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if the Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Palette hadn’t been sent in to us to be reviewed, we would be joining you in the queue to buy it today.


    Reason 1: We already love the lipstick

    The Stoned Rose palette was inspired by the lipstick of the same name, which is pretty much our ride-or-die all-time favourite pinky nude shade.

    Reason 2: The Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Palette is an all-in-one thing of beauty

    It’s everything you need for a day or night-time look: this palette is your pocket-size beauty playground.

    It even houses not one eyeshadow, but three. The golden champagne shade brightens so apply it all over the lid for a light-reflecting sheen.

    Sweep the peachy bronze Enhance shade over the eyelid and then take a fine liner brush and dip it into the rich chocolate Eye Smoke. Run it along the upper lashline by day (and the lower lashline at night), and blur the edges for a soft, smoked out eye without the 10 steps, strategic colouring in or arm ache.

    Reason 3: It’s actually magic on blah, dull skin

    The Face Bronze warms everything up and can be used to contour the hollows of your cheekbones, the jawline and nose.

    Meanwhile the Face Highlight in a flatter-everyone-buttery-shade does for skin what salted caramel cream does for a mince pie: makes it irresistible.

    Factor in a peachy-pink Cheek Swish or deep rose-hued Cheek Pop and you can choose your blusher poison: ethereal or orgasmic, depending on your mood.

    Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Beauty Instant Look in a Palette, £49

    Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose

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    Reason 4: The Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Roses Palette takes all of 5 minutes to apply

    You can even smooth the eyeshadow and blusher on with your fingers, the powder texture is so creamy.

    Reason 5: Tilbury swears it makes you look ‘love-blushed’ 

    We don’t know about you, but anything that makes us look ‘love-blushed’ is a winner in our books. Another win is looking so radiant and slightly flushed that your skin looks as though it’s bathed in candlelight, like over dinner at a taverna after a day in the sun, which this also does.

    Need we say more?

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