The best eyeshadow palettes that’ll take your make-up game to a new level

The possibilities are endless...

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so let’s make sure that they pop. Arm yourself with the best mascara, best eyeliner and eyebrow products as everyday staples, but few products allow for us a much creativity as the best eyeshadow palettes.

Eyeshadows can add a subtle wash of flattering colour, allow you to create smouldering smokey nighttime looks, or even crazy colourful combinations. Playing with different textures, finishes and shades will allow you to create looks for every occasion with one product, making them so worth the investment.

So, no matter your budget, keep reading as we take you through the best eyeshadow palettes on the market…

Best eyeshadow palettes for blue eyes

The best eyeshadow colours for blue eyes are browns, bronzes and golds, all of which can really help make eyes stand out. If you’re looking for something bolder try blues, pinks or corals.

Best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes

Greys, warm browns and plum tones are all great picks for brown eyes and, for bolder options, bright pinks and purples make a great pairing.

Best eyeshadow palettes for green eyes

Browns, copper and silver tones all work really well on green eyes, while shades of purple will really make them pop.

Best eyeshadow primer

If you have oily eyelids and your shadow and liner likes to slip and slide all over the place, it’s essential to use an eyeshadow primer. Probably the best in the biz is the below, which will grip shadow to your life all day long.

Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion, £12.25 Fabled

best eyeshadow palettes urban decay

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Best drugstore eyeshadow palettes

Sleek I-Divine Palette, £8.99, Boots

best eyeshadow Palettes drugstore Sleek

Between them Sleek’s palettes have every single colour you could ever possibly need; A New Day contains the essential neutrals for day-to-day wear, while All Night Long (above) takes those up a notch for brighter, more shimmery looks. Want something bolder? Try 3AM on for size. Be sure to check out other drugstore brands like NYX and Rimmel for other great, affordable buys.

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Keep reading for the latest and greatest eyeshadow palettes on the market right now.

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