I have found the best place to get a spray tan in London. And I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

So much more than a tan, a great chat too

best spray tan in london

So much more than a tan, a great chat too

You can apply all the best fake tan you can get our hands on, follow the fake tan tips to a tee and even know how to remove fake tan if things go wrong. But sometimes all of that just doesn't cut it. Sometimes a special event, like a birthday party, a wedding or a hen do (which is what I needed to be bronzed for), calls for the best spray tan in London.

Luckily, I have found the place and the person.

If you want to look the most tanned and most toned (isn't it wonderful that tan has the most incredible slimming effect?!) you've ever been, then you need to head to Piccadilly straight away and book in with James Harknett at the Away Spa.

You'll find the spa on the 6th floor of the W Hotel. Here's a fun fact - the hotel smells just like chocolate because it sits on top of M&M world. YUM. As ever with W Hotels - it's a party hotel, filled with tourists hoping to enjoy a good time in London, but the spa is a completely different story - it's calm and serene. This is where you'll find James. Lovely friendly James.

James has the most incredible ability of making you look like the best version of yourself, armed only with a his spray gun. Walking into his little tanning room, you're surrounded by pictures and notes of thanks from the celebrities that he's tanned - from Geri Halliwell and Emma Willis and to David Gandy and One Direction (scream!) - so you know you're in good hands. There's also a framed signed photograph of the Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue - one of his idols. The other is the Queen of Pop. Get him onto this subject and you'll be amazed to learn that he has the largest collection of Madonna memorabilia in the world.

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He starts by asking you why you're getting a spray tan - because, just like an outfit, each occasions requires a different look. Once you've decided how light or how dark you're going, you get your kit off (apart from a lovely pair of paper undies) and pop into the little booth. Then the show really starts. James doesn't just stand in front of you and blast you with the brown liquid, he performs what can only be described as 'a rhythmic tanning dance.' His arms move gracefully from left to right as he ensures every inch of you is bronzed to perfection.

Once he's finished, you'll look and feel a million dollars. (Which is marvellous considering it costs £50.)

best spray tan in london

At my hendo, everyone commented on how healthy I seemed and how natural the tan looked. Which is all you really want from the best spray tan in London isn't it?

Book in now, by calling 020 7758 1071.

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