BAFTAs celebrity hair predictions from Charles Worthington

Be one step ahead of the red-carpet trends as Charles Worthington reveals his BAFTA hair looks

Golden Globes Hair
Golden Globes Hair
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Be one step ahead of the red-carpet trends as Charles Worthington reveals his BAFTA hair looks

The BAFTAs are as much about style as they are about the silver screen. While we await the grand unveiling of the hair looks adoring the celebrity crowns at this year’s awards, we asked Charles Worthington for some insider gossip….


As the official hair care sponsor of the BAFTAs, when it comes to stunning styles and elegant looks, Charles Worthington is the man in the know.

This year hair is taking a retro turn with more 60s-inspired looks as Charles reveals: ‘There’s going to be a big 60s vibe at the BAFTAs, it’s a nice way of being able to dress hair that is slightly raised at the crown.

‘I like the 60s, it’s very wearable, it’s good fun, very playful. Now it’s about hair cuts not just about dressing hair. People want to make a statement.’

And where better a place for celebrities to make a hair statement then on the red rug? Although Charles believes hair should simply compliment a look and not dominate it.


He told us: ‘When somebody looks amazing at the BAFTAs they look amazing because it’s the total look, their hair is looking great, their make-up is great, it all has to work together.’

On the night of the BAFTAs ensuring a star is happy with their look is vital but it all starts with the dress.

‘The first thing I need to know is what that person is wearing either by photograph or seeing it in reality,’ Charles said. ‘If someone changes their dress you can gently tweak it and work it.’

While most of us would be stressed in this state the hairstyling pro reassures us he doesn’t suffer with this: ‘Things do change at the last minute and you just have to be adaptable and that’s part of the expertise and experience, to work quickly and not panic.’

But even the most elite of stylists still fear something and for Charles it’s another star having the same hair he’s created. ‘It would be my worst nightmare! Even two hairstyles that are similar would not be great. It is a lot of pressure but there’s nothing I can do about it if another hairdresser from another company does the same as me.’

Charles Worthington is the Official Hair Stylist to the EE British Academy Film Awards. The Charles Worthington EE BAFTA Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment is available from Boots, £14.99

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