This Apple update has solved the most annoying thing on the iPhone

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  • So long, Stocks...

    For many of us, our iPhone home screens are the digital equivalent of our underwear drawer: neat, organised, and anything that isn’t used, should be ruthlessly removed. 

    We’d delete a dodgy photo editing app we downloaded to rid us of that one pimple six months ago in the exact same way we’d bin those Hello Kitty socks we haven’t dared to wear since 2010. But when we try to delete those built-in Apple apps like the Game Centre, Watch, Tips, Health or Stocks… we’re physically unable to. 
    Seriously, Stocks? It’s like Apple have completely over-estimated how much of their customer base are Investment Bankers.

    Also, hands up if you’ve opened your Compass app approximately NEVER?
    But praise be the tech Gods, as now, a new update from the Apple team might just have rectified the one thing that’s bugged us since the iPhone was first conceived.
    At the Worldwide Developers Conference event in California on Monday, Apple revealed that the new iOS 10 update will allow users to finally delete the built-in apps that they never use. Which means freeing up loads more iPhone storage to use downloading other random apps.
    On the subject of storage, the next step should be to get rid that annoying ‘Not Enough Storage’ notification. In the mean time, here’s three quick hacks to get around it.
    One of the other *life-changing* features on the update will include an improved iMessage which will allow you to order food, book cabs and transfer money just by text. This is the future, people. Embrace it.

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