Ana De Armas insists new movie Blonde is not what viewers will 'expect'

The suspense is too much

Ana De Armas
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The suspense is too much

Ana De Armas is set to star in the new movie Blonde centred around the late Marilyn Monroe.

The 34-year-old actress, who will take on the lead role in the film adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates's historical fiction 2000 novel, has teased the production may come as a surprise to some, as it will highlight the "intimate" side to the movie icon.

Speaking to ET, Ana said: "Definitely not the movie people expect. I don't know what people are expecting but this is definitely going to be something very surprising and a more intimate take on her life and her journey as Norma Jeane and then the movie star that she became."

Ana has insisted during the filming process none of Marilyn's actual garments were used, unlike Kim Kardashian who wore the Some Like It Hot star's exact dress to the Met Gala earlier this year, as well as a second outfit belonging to the style icon. 

She confirmed: "We did not use anything real. We got a wonderful team of tailors and seamstress and we recreated every single piece. The same as, you know, the ones she wore but we did not touch any of her real stuff."

However, in preparation for the movie Ana spent up to three hours in hair and make-up for the 47-day shoot, according to Netflix Queue.

The Knives Out star has also revealed writer and director, Andrew Dominik, was determined to show both sides of Marilyn - whose real name was Norma Jean Mortenson - her on-screen persona, as well as what she was like behind closed doors.

Speaking previously to Netflix Queue, Ana said: "Andrew's ambitions were very clear from the start: to present a version of Marilyn Monroe's life through her lens.

"He wanted the world to experience what it actually felt like to not only be Marilyn, but also Norma Jeane. I found that to be the most daring, unapologetic and feminist take on her story that I had ever seen."

Blonde  is set for release later this year.

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