Scientists Reckon They’ve Found The New Kendall Jenner – But Who Is She?

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  • Oh those mathematicians. One minute they're calculating the exact length of a triangle's hypotenuse. The next, it's all about Instagram celebs

    Ever found yourself scrolling through Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account and wondered, ‘however did she get to be quite so popular?’

    Well, turns out, it’s not just down to a) growing up on reality TV, b) unfairly symmetrical bone structure, c) a weekly allowance worth more than your house.

    In fact – if new research is to be believed – it all comes down to her height, her shoe size, the frequency with which she uploads pictures to social media, and the kind of hashtags that she uses to caption them with.

    Yep, scientists believe that they can predict who will become the fashion world’s next big thing, with up to 80 per cent accuracy.

    By studying 400 models’ Instagram habits – and looking at how many likes and comments they received per post – they worked out which six up-and-coming fashionistas are likely to hit the big time.

    If the models posted more than one picture a day, they were 15 per cent more likely to be booked for a catwalk show. But if their images were liked too many times, their chances were subsequently lowered by 10 per cent.

    Similarly, the taller the model, the more likely she was to be successful on social media and the runway. But for once, reassuringly, waist size wasn’t a factor.

    If the results are to be believed, then the following six women are due to become the most popular new models over the course of the next season. And most interestingly of all – they tend to only have approximately 800 – 4,000 followers.

    Which is something we imagine won’t be the case for long…

    Sofia Tesmenitskaya
    @sofiatesmenitskaya, 4382 followers

    Arina Levchenko

    @levchenko_arina_, 1,322 followers

    Renata Scheffer
    @renatascheffer, 1022 followers

    Sasha Antonowskaia
    @antonowska, 1018 followers

    Melanie Culley

    @babesintoyland, 828 followers

    Phillipa Hemphrey
    @phillipahemphrey97, 1248 followers

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