WATCH: Adele Teases Her New Song 'When We Were Young'

Yep… Suffice to say, we love it already.

Yep… Suffice to say, we love it already.

So despite the fact that none of us have quite managed to get Adele's desperately catchy first single Hello out of our heads yet, Adele's gone and done it again - she's released a new song called When We Were Young.

A snippet from When We Were Young first debuted on 60 Minutes Australia at the weekend and just this morning, Adele released a live, full version of the track complete with a low key video filmed in a recording studio with a full band.

The video sees Adele belt out lyrics on bitter-sweet memories with an old flame and although we can't help but think that this song is every bit as nostalgia-inducing as Hello, it's also softer, less weepy and more ballad-like than before. 

Just last month Hello broke the record as the most viewed track ever on Vevo, and also set the new record for most views on the site within 24 hours of release - notching up almost 28 million. The track also went to number one in 102 countries on iTunes.

Along with the new song When We Were Young, both tracks are taken from Adele's forthcoming album 25, out on November 20th. This follows the huge success of her first two albums 19 and 21, the latter of which sold more than 30 million copies across the world, and 5 million in the UK, and saw Adele scoop six Grammy Awards in 2012.

The release of her first single Hello recently sent the internet into melt-down and had women across the world reconnecting with their exes on a mass scale due to the lyrics. A recent study of 41,000 people even revealed that 64% of women were inspired by the song to contact their exes and repair a broken relationship, whereas only 17% of men reported feeling the same way.

Single or not, once you've had a listen to the second single we're sure you'll agree that it's set to be another mega-hit for the award-winning songstress.

Watch the video here:

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