This is the strange reason why bridesmaids traditionally wear the same dresses

Ever wondered?

Bridesmaid dresses
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When it comes to planning your wedding, there is a lot to think about. From the perfect wedding dress to a signature scent that will always remind you of your big day, to the table plans, flowers and whether or not you want the DJ to play cheesy classics towards the end of the night (answer: always yes). 

There are also a number of strange wedding traditions that many follow without knowing the reasoning behind them. For example, did you know that the bride tends to stand on the left due to an old custom? Apparently, the groom needed to have his right arm free to fight off any potential suitors who wanted to steal his bride.

And it turns out there's an equally unusual reason why bridesmaids all wear the same dresses. 

While some brides choose to shake things up a bit and ask their bridesmaids to wear different dresses in the same colour, or the same dress in varying hues, the tradition is for the bride's nearest and dearests to wear the same dress as they watch their loved one say 'I do'. 

So, where exactly does it come from?

It is a custom said to originate from the days of the Ancient Romans, according to Mental Floss - however, back then, the bridesmaids didn't just wear the same dresses as one another. Oh no. They also wore the same dress as the bride.


Essentially, the lady to be wed would surround herself with decoys so as to distract from evil spirits and the dreaded exes who might be on the lookout to win her back. Scary. 

So dressing a handful of female friends in the same outfit would protect the bride from spirits and exes by confusing them, giving the couple enough time to march down the aisle without interruption. 

Well, now you know!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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