These beautiful London rental homes are up to 50% off right now

Things are a little up in the air right now, as lockdown due to the coronavirus continues. Overseas travel feels more distant than it has for some time, and most of us can only dream of our next trip.

However we are hoping that within the next couple months, things change for the better, and while international travel may still be a while away, there are so many lovely staycations we can go on.

And it just so happens that Plum Guide is currently offering up to 50% off London rental homes for the coming months.

If you haven't heard of it before, it is essentially a platform which is building a definitive collection of the world's best homes. How do they know they're the best homes? Well, Plum Guide's home critics go in and review each home at scale through 500 data points. Noting items such as showerhead pressure, the amount of natural light and Wifi strength, the data-driven method puts homes through a 150-point test, only accepting the top contenders on to the platform.

The 'Home Test' is more objective, trustworthy and consistent than the peer-to-peer review system found on open marketplaces, meaning you can trust that what you see on the site is what you're getting IRL.

While they have homes all around the world, at the moment PG are offering up to 50% off London houses, in case you can’t stay where you are right now, or need to travel for whatever reason, or want to book ahead for your next staycation.

1. Glebe House - 28% off

2. Raleigh - 30% off

3. The Coppersmith - 30% off (7 night plus stays)

4. Peter the Gold - 30% off (7 night plus stays)

5. Neon Melody - 28% off

6. Colourful Connoisseur - 28% of

(Image credit: Arnaiz Yano)