6 cities you need to visit this year before everyone else does

The hotspots that will be on everybody's 2019 bucket list

best cities 2019
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The hotspots that will be on everybody's 2019 bucket list

Where do you start when looking for the best cities 2019?

A Prague city break is always a popular choice - but what if you're looking to go somewhere undiscovered? If you fancy travelling across the Atlantic to Tobago or staying in Europe and hopping on the Eurostar to Paris that's absolutely fine. However, if you're done with the usual hotspots you're probably frantically Googling 'best cities 2019' hoping to find something special.

But before you start panicking that there's no way you can afford to go away just yet, we've got some solutions.

For example, did you know that you can nab a five star holiday for a fraction of the price if you pick your destination wisely? And that you can double your holiday allowance really easily? Why wouldn't you be jumping on a plane and getting away from the grey skies as soon as possible?!

All you have to do is pick somewhere to go - so here are the best cities 2019 has to offer...

Best Cities 2019

Constanta, Romania

According to On The Go Tours, Romania is the fastest growing destination for UK tourists, with an increase of 638% between 2007 and 2017. But before you head straight to Bucharest, you might want to take a look at what Constanta has to offer. A city on the shores of the Black Sea, it's a great place to settle if you want to explore beaches and fishing villages by day and pumping clubs by night.

best cities 2019

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Nashville, Tennessee USA

This city is a music-lover's dream, and there's so much going on in Nashville this year. Visit the 4th July Music City Hot Chicken Festival (a mix of fireworks, live music, and a Nashville speciality - Hot Chicken served with bread and pickles) plus the Live on the Green Music festival in August, with previous performers including Alabama Shakes, Ben Folds and Cold War Kids.

And that's not all. Whether you’re a BBQ buff or just worship wine, September's Music City Food + Wine festival is the stuff foodie dreams are made of. The festival features interactive cooking demonstrations, engaging panel discussions, intimate tasting sessions and countless opportunities to sample the wares of a myriad of international restaurants, wineries, distilleries and breweries.

best cities 2019

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Perth, Australia

If you're planning a trip down under, you've probably got Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or the Gold Coast in mind. And why wouldn't you? These places have long been touted as the country's most beautiful cities. But we've got a secret to share with you - Perth is the place to be.

The city, tucked away on the gorgeous West Coast, offers visitors a beach for every occasion - whether you like to surf, sunbathe or simply swim in still waters. It's also the gateway to Rottnest Island, the land of the quokka, and some stunning coves and corners. Still not convinced? Get yourself over to Fremantle, Perth's chilled-out mini-city, and you'll soon change your mind.

best cities 2019

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Florence, Italy

Forget the bustling streets of Rome and Venice. If you want a pretty, quaint and totally bohemian experience then Florence has it all. Cross Ponte Vecchio, a medieval stone bridge where jewellers sell their wares; sample the local delicacy lampredotto, a surprisingly tasty tripe sandwich; relax in the luscious Boboli gardens.

Neringa Öhrström, Head of Marketing at London Stansted Airport says: 'One of the most charming cities in Europe, Florence remains a firm favourite amongst travellers looking for a holiday packed with history, culture and stunning architecture. As the city is the birthplace of the Renaissance, there is plenty to do and admire in the Tuscan Capital such as the iconic Florence Cathedral and the Uffizi Gallery.

'While Florence is full of famous landmarks, visitors can also experience some of the all year round cultural and food festivals available in the city including the Gelato festival in April and Festa della Rificolona (Paper Lantern festival) in September. With a short flight time from the UK and two airports serving the city (Pisa Airport and Florence Airport), Florence is perfect for a short weekend break with friends or family.'

If you take a trip to this gorgeous city in August, visit the New Generation Festival in the Gardens of the Palazzo Corsini. The festival, now in it's third year, offers an array of productions, bringing the best of Italian culture and the finest young music talent to a world stage. During the summer, Florence enjoys an average temperature is 31°C so we'd recommend packing a sun hat.

best cities 2019

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Dakar, Senegal

According to the Lonely Planet, holiday makers will be flying to Dakar this year thanks to the city's vibrant nightlife, picture-perfect beaches and delicious food. Visit Lake Retba, an Instagrammable pink lake, and take a trip to the small car-free island of Gorée. A new international airport recently opened in Dakar, so you have no excuse not to book that flight...

best cities 2019

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Osaka, Japan

Located on the Japanese island of Honshu, Osaka is the new Tokyo. Why? Because Japan's third largest city is a surreal mix of modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks. Plus, it's the perfect base for anyone who wants to visit the temples and gardens of Kyoto, or the city's futuristic Umeda Sky Building.

best cities 2019

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No need to trawl the internet for travel-inspo now that you know which cities to hit up this year.

So what are you waiting for?

Get booking, ASAP.

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