There's an easy way to double your annual leave and enjoy 55 days off next year

Actual magic.

How to double your annual leave in 2024
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When it comes to booking a getaway, there never seems to be enough time. Whether you want to spend a little longer in a beautiful far-flung destination or simply incorporate more UK staycations into your year, it can sometimes feel tricky to pack it all in with a limited holiday allowance. 

But what if you could more than double your holiday allowance in 2024? Well, if you're a little bit strategic with your annual leave next year you can turn 25 days into 55 - and it's actually really easy to do it. 

Price Comparison site PayingTooMuch has worked out how to maximise your annual leave next year by planning ahead. In 2024, England and Wales will have the lowest number of bank holidays since 2021 - so if you're someone who loves a getaway, or just want to pencil in some rest days over the course of the year, this is the easiest way to double your holiday. 

For those who are in full-time work with 28 days of paid annual leave each year, take a look at this: 

How to double your annual leave in 2024

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Want to know which dates to book off? We've listed them below.

Dates to book off in 2024 to double your annual leave


Saturday 30th December 2023 to Sunday 7th January 2024

Book off: 2nd - 5th January

4 days of annual leave = 9 days off


Saturday 23rd March to Sunday 7th April (Easter) 

Book off: 25th - 28th March, 2nd - 5th April 

8 days of annual leave = 16 days off 


Saturday 4th May to Monday 12th May, or Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June 

Book off: 7th - 10th May, or 28th - 31st May

4 days of annual leave = 9 days off 


Saturday 24th August to Sunday 1st September

Book off: 27th - 30th August

4 days of annual leave = 9 days off


Saturday 21st December to Tuesday 1st January 2025

Book off: 23rd - 24th, 27th, 30th - 31st December

5 days of annual leave = 12 days off

The total annual leave used amounts to 25 days, while the amount of time off will actually equate to 55 days thanks to time off booked around the time of bank holidays and weekends. 

Well, time to start looking for cheap flights and amazing Airbnbs...

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