10 Girls’ Holiday Commandments That’ll Guarantee This Year’s Trip Will Be The Best Ever

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  • Your dream trip to an exotic location's booked. Now you're set to spend the week in the company of your best friends. Sounds like a breeze? Anyone who's braved a girls' holiday knows it's not that simple. So to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible, here are 10 rules you should abide by for a stress-free foray.

    1. Share your wears

    Whether you meticulously plan every beach and bar outfit down to the lipstick or just throw the entire contents of your summer wardrobe in a bag and hope for the best, always pack extra. Guaranteed there will be one friend that despises everything she’s brought. Your spare clothes could prove to be a life, ok, bit dramatic, night saver.

    2. Wingman your women

    Single? You’ll need one. Taken? You’re about to become one, because the job of a wingman is an all-important role, especially on holiday. If your BFF spots a man she takes a shine to, be a faithful friend and strike up a chat with his hideously boring sidekick so she gets ‘accidentally stuck’ with the tanned Adonis of her dreams.
    3. Limit your love-ins

    There’s nothing more frustrating on holiday than when one of you is desperately loved-up and the rest of you aren’t. Be mindful of how many gushy phone calls, sad face ‘I miss you’ selfies and tipsy text messages you send to your boyfriend/husband. Remember, your one true love this trip is your ladies.
    4. Flex your limbs

    If your group of holidaying girls exceeds more than about three, it’s time to mentally practice some Pilates. And by that we mean get flexible. There’s absolutely no point in having plans set in stone because whilst one of you wants to get up at 8am to ensure her body goes back a lovely shade of mahogany after two weeks of sun-worshipping, another just wants to snooze.
    5. Keep a kitty

    It might seem childish to pool your money together like you’re trying to raise funds for a student night out but popping some small change into a kitty each day makes certain there are no petty arguments over who bought milk, which crisp-fan has eaten all the Cheetos and whose turn it is to get a tasty round of poolside cosmos.

    6. Keep schtum

    A small but very important point; don’t talk books. Someone will have one too many Pino Grigios at dinner and spoil the gripping read you’re only halfway through. Trust us, it’s hard to forgive. 

    7. Do a sunscreen selfie

    This might sound like a totally futile point but buying your own suncream can seriously change the direction of your holiday. If you get a gorgeous glow in a matter of hours, you don’t want to find yourself hindering that Donatella tan by using your porcelain-skinned friend’s sun block. Contrastingly, you want to avoid flaming red thighs and not being able to wear your skinny jeans the entire holiday because of third degree burns.

    8. State your expectations

    Do you love the trickle of sand between your toes? The buzz of a bright and vibrant local market? Or is the cool, fish-free water where you’d rather be? Whatever your preference, make sure you and the girls let each other know at least one thing you’re desperate to do whilst you’re away. Up-front honesty is easier to stomach than the disappointment you could be taking home along with your fabulous tan.
    9. Buddy up

    Women, in all their glory, are very different. Some are prolific party-goers, others are experts in evenings of relaxation, but it’s important to note these very apparent variations during your girls trip away. There’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, so we’re saying, occasionally, it’s ok to grab your closest pal and politely go do your own thing, as long as no one’s left alone.
    10. Borrow better

    One gleaming up-side to a group of girls being thrust into the same villa? Free clothes, accessories, shoes and beauty goodies for all. Just remember to keep hold of that Cavalli clutch your friend so lovingly lent you on a night out because lost property can result in lost tempers. And if you’ve ever come across a woman missing her most prized designer possession, you’ll know it’s not pretty.

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