8 rules to obey when holidaying with your partner for the first time

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  • Just because you’re head over heels for him doesn’t mean your first holiday together will go as smoothly as your first date. We’ve compiled the ultimate checklist to make sure your romantic getaway won’t be the last.

    1. Do your research

    While you’re factoring in your daily dose of poolside bathing, he could be scoping out the best locations for deep-sea diving. Find out what each other expects from their fortnight in the sun and come to a happy compromise before take-off.

    2. Choose a suitcase with secret compartments

    You may have mastered the art of slipping off your control pants before he’s any the wiser, but hiding your finest tuck-me-in undies isn’t so easy when you’re living out of a suitcase. If you’re not quite ready to unleash your magic knickers on him just yet, opt for the bag within a bag method when packing.

    3. Pack extra sun lotion

    After weeks of researching the best sun protection, you could find yourself throwing the mother of all strops as he reaches for your factor 50. So while you’re working on your bronze with a bottle of Estée Lauder’s finest, keep a lotion on standby for when your man forgets his own.

    4. Pressure? Remember he’s feeling it too

    If you’re worried about stripping down to your new polka dot bikini, chances are he’s feeling the same poolside pressure. Remember you’ve come this far together and you’re still each other’s number one fan.

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    5. Think before you read

    Getting your Fifty Shades of Grey fix while your boyfriend is evening out his red bits could be sending some mixed signals. Invest in new reading material and keep your holiday romance a strictly real-life experience.

    6. Don’t be a nag

    Whatever you do, do not nag. Your worst habits are about to be exposed to each other like never before, so take a (big) deep breath before you let rip on his bad bathroom behaviours. Besides, he may have a few issues to raise of his own.

    7. People watching, don’t take it personally

    It’s impossible not to notice the lifeguard’s uncanny likeness to Douglas Booth, right? So we’re betting the entire beach has had a good gawp at the similarities between Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the gorgeous brunette across the sand. Shrug it off and keep an ice bucket to hand if his eyes linger a little too long.

    8. Share the responsibilities

    Don’t burden yourself with remembering to pack the passports, money, travel adaptors and padlocks. Split your to-do list down the middle and try not to launch into a blame-game when neither of you thought to bring the mozzie spray. You’re only human.

    Good luck!

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