This New York Couple Discovered They Were Pregnant In The Most Adorable Way

David and Ivonne were told be strangers that they were expecting a baby…

pregnancy landscape.jpg
pregnancy landscape.jpg

David and Ivonne were told be strangers that they were expecting a baby…

Announcing your pregnancy online has become a trend in recent years with celebrities like Kimye paving the way for us all. Updating your social media page is now the go-to way to break the big news, making it impossible to scan your newsfeeds without getting bombarded by pictures of sonograms and storks.

Though non-celebrity posts rarely reach viral status, one man managed it last week when he accidentally announced his wife’s pregnancy in the most adorable way… on Reddit of all places.

New Yorker David took to the Internet to voice his worries about his wife Ivonne’s Fitbit device. The activity tracker, used predominantly for fitness, had been displaying heart rate data that didn’t match her activity levels, sometimes displaying up to 110 beats per minute. Assuming the tracker was faulty, David posted his problem to Reddit, seeking advice from other users on how to fix it.

‘My wife's Fitbit is showing her heartbeat being consistently high over the last few days. Two days ago, a somewhat normal day, she logged 10 hours in the fat burning zone, which I would think to be impossible based on her activity level. Also her calories burned do seem accurate. I would imagine if she was in the fat burning zone she would burn a ton of calories, so it’s not lining up. I'm not sure if something is wrong with the sensor. Is there a way to reset or recalibrate the device? I'd like to try that before I contact customer service about a possible replacement.’

Within minutes people started responding, and though most tried to actually help him fix the ‘issue’, one user suggested ‘Is it a possibility that she is pregnant?’

A pregnancy test and a lot of celebrating later, David returned to his keypad the next day and broke the news to his new Reddit friends…

‘I'm going to be a dad! Thank you all for your overwhelming support! It’s been awesome to read all the comments and well wishes, even the comments questioning whether I am in fact the father (gotta have a sense of humor on here, right?). This is real, the fear is real, the excitement is very real! I am a regular guy who was just looking for the communities help with his wife's technology issue (we've all been there, right?). Little did I know I got a lot more than I bargained for! Now I'm a regular guy who is preparing to have his first child brought into the world, god willing, in October 2016.’

We thought we had seen it all, and then along came David and Ivonne.

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