The UK's Best Cocktail Masterclasses

Get ready to learn all the tricks of the trade as you replace your mixologist behind the bar

Canvas Bar

Get ready to learn all the tricks of the trade as you replace your mixologist behind the bar

Let’s face it we’re, all partial to a tasty, lip-smacking cocktail, so we decided to shake things up a bit and got in contact with DesignMyNight for their pick of the best cocktail masterclasses across the UK. Here are their top ten, from topless bartenders to Carrie Bradshaw-themed tipples...

1. The Little Yellow Door, London Every Wednesday The Little Yellow Door runs a cocktail masterclass. If you haven’t heard of this magical place, shame on you! It’s one of London’s coolest hangouts with a reputation for hosting boisterous house party events. Their masterclasses cost £35 and include 3 delicious cocktails and 2 lip-licking plates that match your tipples.

2. Canvas Bar, London Step into a pair of Carrie Bradshaw-worthy shoes and strut down to Canvas Bar for their Sex and the City masterclass. For £26.95 you and your friends will be treated to a glass of champagne and taught everything worth knowing about the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail. When you've mastered your cocktail shaking skills you'll be offered a Magnolia Bakery inspired cupcake. (The Magnolia Bakery appears in season 4 when Carrie reveals a major crush to Miranda, FYI).

3. 46 and Mercy, London It goes without saying that 46 and Mercy bear an undying love for great cocktails. Their cocktail masterclasses run for 2 hours, where groups are introduced to behind-the-scenes knowledge on what makes a great cocktail. For £40, each person will receive four handcrafted cocktails as well as delicious snacks. It’s worth noting that the best cocktail of the night will win a bar tab. Nothing beats a bit of healthy competition!

4. The Studio at London Cocktail Club, London London Cocktail Club at Oxford Circus is effortlessly cool and fabulous. It has seductive booth seating and ice wells, and they even give you the option of playing your own personal playlist throughout the venue. You’ll also be glad to know that some of the best bartenders in the industry run their £40 masterclass. So what are you waiting for? Inject a bit of fun to your social life and book today.

5. The Met Bar, London Boasting one of London’s most exclusive postcodes, The Met Bar offers a picturesque location and a variety of exclusive masterclasses where the theme is based on your favourite spirit for the hour long session. A special bespoke couple’s masterclass is on offer and includes 3 cocktails per person alongside canapes. At £130 it's quite pricey, but we promise you and your partner won’t be disappointed!

6. Basement Sate, London Basement Sate, located in Soho, is a Parisian inspired venue placing importance on two of our guilty pleasures – cocktails and desserts. The underground lair runs a £35 masterclass where you can learn the history of any spirits and the all-important tricks of the trade when it comes to making a signature cocktail. Afterwards you can always reward yourself with one of their gorgeous desserts.

7. Jekyll and Hyde, Birmingham Jekyll and Hyde revolve their cocktail masterclasses around one of our favourite spirits, gin: making their establishment every gin lover’s paradise (they even have their own gin parlour). One of their ‘gin gurus’ will lead the workshop and encourage you to get involved in their fun activities. Be warned, there’s going to be blindfolding involved. The classes mainly run on weekends for £25 but can be organised midweek if you’re extra nice.

8. Revolution De Cuba, Manchester Revolution De Cuba is a quirky, Latin themed bar in Manchester and should be included in everyone’s bucket list. They aim to bring things back to basics by teaching you how to master classic cocktails. If you’re a fan of the Mojito and the Daiquiri this is your spot. For £39.95 you can be introduced to their way of cocktail thinking along with a hearty three course meal. Bottoms up!

9. Bar 76, Brighton Low hanging chandeliers, purple tones and comfy Chesterfield sofas are what make up the chic feel of Bar 76. If you want to kick back, there’s no greater spot. Their three masterclass options are all quite similar but number two and three include a topless bartender. Yes, you heard us - a topless bartender. Prices start at £25, working their way up to £35. We don't need to tell you what option we'd pick.

10. The Corinthian Club, Glasgow The Corinthian Club is Glasgow's crowning jewel when it comes to glamorous outings. Its extravagance goes beyond expectations with a beautiful glass dome, embellished ceilings and leather furnishings. To satisfy cocktail fanatics they tailor a masterclass to introduce crucial techniques and methods used when creating the perfect tipple. The £45 package also includes an elegant three course meal.

For more of the best bars in London and across the UK visit and follow them on Twitter @DesignMyNight.

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