10 Brilliant Edinburgh Festival Tips From The Comedians Who Just KNOW

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  • Heading to this summer's Edinburgh Festival Fringe (7-31 August)? Take a few (survival) tips off three very different comedians in the know. And LOL in the process. Take it away Jack Whitehall, Viv Groskop and Luisa Omielan...

    DO go celeb spotting

    ‘From 10pm, The Pleasance Courtyard is where the comics hang out between shows. But don’t do what my friend did and spend 20 minutes talking to Tim Vine, then say, “You’re really funny. Have you thought about doing stand-up?”.’ Viv Groskop.

    DO be prepared to drink a lot

    ‘And not sleep. Immerse yourself. Then you’ll see things you weren’t expecting, like a messed up clown, followed by John Bishop, followed by me, then a rave to The Time Warp…’ Luisa Omielan.

    DON’T forget to tell a comedian you fancy they’re brilliant.

    ‘They’ll pull you because they’re at their most vulnerable after the critics have told them how bad they are.’ Jack Whitehall.

    DO rent a room from a friendly local

    ‘Find one through Festival Beds from £25 a night (festivalbeds.co.uk).’ Viv Groskop.

    DO put out an ad that says, “Students! I’ll pay your summer rent”

    ‘I stayed in university accommodation for the first four years I performed. One year, my mate was handing out free-drinks flyers for a vodka brand and they were all over the house. I bought a guy back and the next morning they’d all gone. Robbed by a one night stand. Horrendous!’ Luisa Omielan.

    DO befriend people who live in Edinburgh

    ‘Frances Boulle (Made In Chelsea) used to go out with my sister, so I said I’d reunite them if he let me stay at his flat. I trashed it!’ Jack Whitehall.

    DON’T over-schedule yourself

    ‘Never assume you can get out of one show and be in the next in five minutes.’ Viv Groskop.

    DON’T forget the diet in Edinburgh is ridiculous

    ‘It’s all battered sausage with chips and cheese. In the chip shop, they give you two sausages, and you’re like, “I can’t eat two.” But it’s 3am, so of course you do. Then you wonder why you come back and can’t fit into any of your clothes.’ Luisa Omielan.

    DO go to shows in the evening.

    ‘Hangovers and very small sweaty rooms don’t mix.’ Jack Whitehall.

    DON’T feel bad about walking out

    ‘Be bold but discerning. Do walk out if you’re not having fun. But remember, sometimes things that seem terrible turn out to be amazing – and vice versa. This is the spirit of Edinburgh.’ Viv Groskop.

    Check out Viv Groskop’s show ‘Say Sorry To The Lady’ at The Stand Comedy Club 7-30 August (not including the 17th)

    Go see Luisa Omielan’s show, ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’ at Assembly George Square Theatre 13-15 August

    Keep up with Jack Whitehall at www.jackwhitehall.com

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