Athenian restaurant Suvlaki opens Brick Lane doors

Soho's Suvlaki has opened a new restaurant on Brick Lane with just as much Athenian love and attention as its older sister

Soho's Suvlaki has opened a new restaurant on Brick Lane with just as much Athenian love and attention as its older sister

It was a welcome invitation to check out Brick Lane’s latest addition, Athenian restaurant Suvlaki. The Soho venue is a lively, easy, friendly place to refuel, and that atmosphere is easily transferred over to Shoreditch. It makes perfect sense for them to be amongst the hullabaloo of East London, with a more local clientele during the week and the weekend market madness of Saturday and Sunday.

‘Having always been a melting pot of different cultures, Brick Lane seemed a fitting location for our new home with its urban buzz and cosmopolitan vibe – everything I love about the dining culture at home in Athens. Suvlaki is all about celebrating good company and down-to-earth eating and drinking in a close, relaxed setting and we can’t wait to bring that to the area’ says Co-founder Irene Margariti.

We settled into the satisfyingly dark surroundings, lit with exposed light bulbs and scattered with vintage Greek posters, also noticing that most of the customers were here for a taste of home. A bottle of Kokotos Agrimi a white wine with floral and citrus aromas now opened and poured we ordered an array of small plates. Olive and citrus wood smoked eel (£5), Mediterranean baked Feta (£4.50), of course the Suvlaki – one corn fed chicken (£4.50) and one spicy prawn (£5.50) and to finish the chocolate biscuit cake (£5.50) to share. All ingredients sourced from the best British and Greek producers with authenticity at the heart of the menu. The wine, food and friendly chat from our waitress made us feel super chill with no rush to leave, just stay and enjoy. Suvlaki Brick Lane we want more, it’s either a return flight to Athens or the No 48 to Liverpool Street, actually let’s book both!

Suvlaki, BRICK LANE, 161 Brick Lane, E1 6SB

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 12pm - 11.30pm Friday & Saturday 12pm - 12am Sunday 12pm - 10.30pm

For reservations please visit:

Suvlaki, SOHO

This sleek, modern addition to Soho is a relaxed, buzzy, casual dining room, serving up Greek street food, sulvaki, AKA 'little skewers'. It’s more restaurant than fast food however, a place to meet friends, socialise, easy for quick lunch or a more leisurely afternoon-into-evening experience.

The design of the restaurant reflects Athens street culture with the notorious graffiti covering the whole front, which makes for an interesting facade. Inside, it's a mix of deep blues, bright turquoises and contrasting textures, think plump grey cushions that sit along stone column walls and tables highlighted by pendant lamps.

Run by a group of old friends from Athens, there’s a personal touch to this place, the staff working closely, talking, laughing together – it’s intimate (34 seats), and you can feel the love being shared with all who come here to dine.

After being sat down with a bottle of delicious Lantides Moschofilero/Muscat we chatted to our waiter to get the inside info on what to order and waited for the feast to begin.

To start, we went for Suvlaki's take on classic hummus with added Florina Peppers, Fava Lentils and Tahini and the Pulled Pork Crostini with succulent pork collar and red wine served with toasted pitta. Next up, Greek Salad, a classic expertly executed. We also chose the Chickpea Salad with cucumber and Kalamata olives, veggie Moussaka which was served as three perfectly rolled up grilled aubergines with courgette and quinoa, severed with a zesty tzatziki. To finish the night we shared the 'Samos to Soho' cheesecake – greek wild honey, candied ginger, mastiha, citrus and meringue. It was rich yet light, sweet and firey... perfection.

It isn’t just the food at Suvlaki that we’ll be going back for, but the promise of an authentic Athenian dining experience, with an authentic, Greek atmosphere. We loved it, and you will too!

Suvlaki, SOHO, 21 Bateman StreeT, W1D 3AL

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: midday - 11:30pm

Friday and Saturday: midday - midnight

Sunday: midday - 10:30pm

Instagram: @suvlakilondon Twitter: @Suvlaki