Snow is officially coming to the UK this weekend and we don’t know what to do

Wait, what?

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Wait, what?

Words by Niamh McCollum

So we’re all back to our usual Monday routines after yet another surprisingly balmy and sunny weekend. In fact, the majority of office conversations across the UK this morning probably began with exclamations about the sunny weather!!

Well, we hate to break it to you folks, but that sun-shiny heat may soon become a distant memory, as Britain has been told to brace itself for an ‘arctic blast’ this week.

Yup, jumper weather is officially here.

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The met office has warned that a plume of polar air is set to sweep over Britain in the run up to the weekend, which will see temperatures plummeting more than 10 degrees, even bringing snow to some parts of the country.

Yes, it’s not even Halloween yet and we might be having snow this week!

Although bright sunshine will keep temperatures above average until the middle of the week, ‘bone-chilling’ winds will make it feel close to -10C in Scotland towards the end of the week, with some places across northern Britain expected to see temperatures between freezing and -4C.

Predictions for extreme cold over the next two weeks could even see us wrapping up for an almost unprecedented White Halloween, with bookmakers already taking bets on the likelihood of a ghostly blanket of snow haunting our streets.

We can’t image the met office would throw around words like ‘super-geostrophic’ winds and ‘polar vortex’ lightly, so dig out your cosiest jumpers and your softest, most reliable scarf – it’s time to start layering up.


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