Including THIS on your Tinder profile could double your chances of getting a match

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Tinder The Online Dating App
Tinder The Online Dating App
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We're listening...

A New Year is upon us, and as well as renewing our gym memberships and pledging to increase our vegetable intake, another popular resolution is to make more of an effort in our love lives.

December is over and after hiding under a duvet eating our bodyweight in cheese and chocolate, we're now ready to get out of our comfort zones and back in the dating game, downloading every app possible and making ourselves more open-minded to propositions that come our way.

So dating season is a-go - and with 2017 seeing the emergence of strange dating trends from stashing, submarining and cushioning to zombieing and kitten fishing - it's impossible to know what's to come for 2018.

What are the biggest turn-offs for men and women, and how can we ensure a swipe right?

Well according to new research conducted by GolfSupport, there's a surprising trick for ensuring a date from Tinder - and we never would have guessed it.

The answer? Playing a sport - yes, it’s really that simple.

According to the study, men and women who referenced sport in their profiles got significantly more swipes right than those who didn't, with simply being active seeming to increase chances of a match for both sexes.

But which sport makes you the most attractive to the opposite sex? Luckily GolfSupport broke that down for us too.

According to the research, the top sports favoured by men include dancing, weightlifting and gymnastics, with boxing and golf also ranked as highly attractive. Women on the other hand favoured rugby, weightlifting, golf and swimming as the most attractive sports for potential partners.

But why are we so attracted to people that play sport?

‘Women like athletes because women want to be involved with healthy men,’ explained one study, adding, ‘athletes also show motivation, strength, determination and teamwork.’ Another study revealed that women associate an interest in sport with the said partner being ‘more confident’, ‘healthier’ and with a better ‘emotional disposition’.

If you'll excuse us we're off to update our Tinder profiles...

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