Apparently these are the biggest sex turn-offs for both men and women




Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

No matter how many people you've slept with, or how many times a week you get between the sheets, we're all guilty of harbouring at least one sexual insecurity at some point or another. Sex therapists have revealed the most common issues couples face in the bedroom, and less than a fifth of women are satisfied with their sex lives.

But if you don't want to add any more doubts to your mind, then you probably won't want to hear what people have ranked as their biggest sex turn-offs ever.

According to a survey by Fortkip, men and women have very different ideas about which of their partner's quirks they hate, and the most depressing part is that a lot of them are things none of us can really change unless we're willing to fork out a fortune on surgery. Great.

They asked 5,000 adults what their biggest sex turn-offs were, and the results threw up some interesting info. Women rated weird noises, small penises, ejaculating too quickly and changing positions too frequently as their bedroom bugbears. Men, however, were more concerned by their sexual partners being 'too loose' (ahem), making too much noise, small breasts and a lack of booty.

Those surveyed also listed the things they prefer in a sexual partner, and sadly, aesthetics play a big part. Again. Women listed tall men with large penises and an athletic, fit build their dream bed partners, with men opting for women with a healthy body figure, a big booty and firm breasts.

sex toys in the bedroom

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The slightly more unsual statistic showed that almost 50% of women and 71% of men would actually swap their partner for a sex robot if the experience was better.


In terms of the biggest sex turn-offs, if your committed other half or Tinder hook-up is doing something that you're not a fan of, the best way to resolve it is to talk it through with them. If you hate window-shattering moans, or if your partner finishes too quickly, or you're getting whiplash from their constant position changes, then communicate with them and work out what suits you both.

But also remember that everything on the list notes things that others get huge pleasure from.

Our advice? Ditch anyone who judges your big/small/loose/tight/loud bits, and bump uglies with someone who digs them instead.

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