Facing-away sex positions: the 9 most-popular ways for doing it in a pandemic

No kissing and no face-to-face sex is so totally 2021. So what are your favourite positions for having safe sex in a pandemic? Time to find out

facing-away sex

It's pretty obvious this pandemic has thrown a massive curveball at our sex lives. Even those with a live-in sex slave, sorry, adoring partner, are struggling to get in the mood for practicing their usual go-to hot sex positions.

Hello coronavirus anxiety levels hitting the bedroom ceiling. But one thing is for sure, we've had plenty more time on our hands. Plenty more time it seems to do some thorough research on the best way to have facing-away sex. And by ‘research', we mean greedily Googling sex positions that involve strictly no face-to-face contact.

Covid-19 and sex

What's brought on this new-found carnal creativity? Good question. Government regulations are still very clear that to protect yourself from Covid-19 we should only sleep with people in our household or support bubble. Not so much fun for single folk, eh.

That's where the sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust have come to the rescue with advice about reducing risk of transmitting the virus. Because come on, the sex drought has to end at some point. One of their recommendations is opting for facing-away sex positions. They also suggest no kissing and wearing one essential piece of clothing - a face maskThe charity are also recommending people engage in masturbation, invest in some of the best sex toys (as if we needed an excuse), and where possible, swap IRL intimacy for phone and online sex. 

While our knowledge surrounding the virus is growing daily, ultimately scientists know the biggest risk factor for the spread of the disease is close contact, as in close contact needed for sex. And given that the virus has been found in semen and faeces but so far not in vaginal fluid, experts still don’t know if it can be passed sexually. 

But let's face it, who wants to be celibate until at least 2022? Thankfully these sex findings, compiled by End of Tenancy London, looked at Google search terms to see which facing-away sex move sparked the most interest in the UK.

Drumroll please, because according to data (arousing, eh), in July more than 60,000 Brits searched for Reverse Cow Girl. Yee haw, indeed.

facing-away sex

Your top sex position 

Not familiar with this facing-away sex position? Well, there's a reason it's a favourite. Reverse Cow Girl is easy, offers deep penetration and adds a touch of creativity to the bedroom. And there's a great view for the one taking it easy, lying on their back while their partner straddles them facing their feet. For the person on top it's perfect for taking control of the pace and rhythm. Like I said, Yee haw. Ride them cowgirl.

The second most-searched sex position is Doggy with 18,100 searches. This classic is said to be one of the best positions for G-spot stimulation. Coming in joint second with the Doggy is the warm and cosy Spooning with 18,100 searches, fourth is the 69 position with 12,100 searches (do I really need to explain this one?) and fifth is the adventurous Wheelbarrow with 880 searches. That's 880 people who feel confident about picking up their partners around the pelvis. While the other person grips their waist with their thighs and rests on their hands. If anything, it beats a Joe Wicks workout.

At number six is the Flatiron - which is a bit like Spooning, only one on top of each other rather than side by side. In at seven is the Leapfrog. This excellent move, a variation on the good-old Doggy style, lets you rest on the bed while your partner achieves maximum penetration. What's not to like? Get on your hands and knees, then, keeping your hips raised, rest your head and arms on the bed, pillow, whatever. Who cares, you're having the best time.

The Shard is the penultimate position for pandemic sex. This will see you lifting your legs as high as you can. Then using you for support, your partner leans on your thighs while you rock back and forth together. Flexible fun move for all, yes.

And finally there's trusty old Stand & Deliver - which does exactly what it says on the tin. FYI: bending over makes the vaginal walls tighter and intensifies friction. You're welcome.

The top nifty 9 facing-away sex positions

(According to most-searched terms on Google)

1. Reverse Cow Girl

2. Doggy

3. Spooning

4. Sixty-niner

5. Wheelbarrow

6. Flatiron

7. Leapfrog

8. The Shard

9. Stand & Deliver

Stay safe people, and try to follow the guidelines of having one regular partner or limiting your number of sexual partners. And don't forget the condoms. Good luck out there.

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