New guidelines want you to wear a face mask during sex

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    Coronavirus has bought a whole heap of new norms into your daily life, with social distancing, hand sanitiser and face masks being just a few.

    Next up? Sex wearing said face mask, according to one charity.

    The Terrence Higgins Trust, a British organisation aiming to open the conversation around sexual health and HIV, are sharing advice on their website for anyone who may be, ahem, getting intimate with a partner outside of their household.

    Government guidelines state you shouldn’t stay in someone else’s house overnight unless they are part of your support bubble. But many have criticised this, with several Twitter users calling it ‘impractical’ and ‘unachievable’.

    THT seems to agree, sharing that asking Brits to abstain from sex is ‘unrealistic’. The answer? Sex with a mask on, to help reduce the spread of the virus.

    It may sound strange… but bear with us. On their site, the charity share the ‘safest option’ is to have sex with someone you live with. In doing so, you contain any spread within one household.

    When that’s not possible—as is the case for thousands of couples living separately across the UK–the THT advise taking ‘other precautions’.

    First up, they advise limiting sexual visitors from other households to as ‘few as possible’.

    They continued: “Not kissing, wearing a face mask during sex and favouring positions where you’re not face-to-face will help. Using condoms or dams for blow jobs and rimming will further reduce the risk. Favour positions where [you] are not face-to-face, and make sure to wash your hands for more than 20 seconds (or use hand sanitiser) before and after sex.”

    Not so keen on the idea of getting it on with half of your face covered up? Fear not, they have other suggestions up their sleeve in the form of ‘distanced sexual contact.’

    Think phone sex or intimate video calls. They’re encouraging mutual masturbation or using toys simultaneously, which could soon become a part of your sex life. (It’s probably worth putting some of the best sex toys through their paces in advance, then, just to be safe.)

    Wearing a mask may feel strange initially, but finding new ways to stay intimate could prove crucial for couples apart.

    It’s worth noting here: if you do decide to introduce sex acts like mutual masturbation into your relationship, THT advises using protection (such as condoms) as you usually would. This ensures you’re still protected from STDs.

    Dr Michael Brady, THT’s medical director, said: “We’re clear that abstaining from sex is the best way to protect yourself. However, we hope issuing this advice will help people to manage the risks of Covid-19 while also being able to have and enjoy sex.”

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