Can you guess which country loves sex toys the most?

Hint: Not us, sadly

sex toys

Hint: Not us, sadly

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

The fact that science is now showing that most British women find their sex toys more satisfying than their partner is testament to the scope of adult toys available to use these days. Whether you're searching for the perfect toy for your partner, or fancy getting better acquainted with BDSM for beginners, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to shaking things up between the sheets.

We also know that this percentage of the British public own a sex toy - but how do we Brits compare to the rest of the world?

The World Sex Toy Rankings has all the answers, ranking countries across the globe on how often they search for different sex toys. Vouchercloud has revealed that we are not the most toy-happy region. In fact, it was Denmark that came out on top.

According to the research, the Danes make 118 yearly searches per 1,000 internet users, leaving us Brits trailing behind in fifth place with just 96 searches per the same quota.

Sweden, Greenland and the US just about beat us too, and hot on our heels are the Netherlands, Russia and Bulgaria - meaning that the majority of the top 20 were European countries. In joint last position is India and Bangladesh with just six searches per 1,000 internet users.

Vouchercloud looked at 18 popular sex-toy-search-terms - covering everything from dildos to jiggle balls - and translated them into every Google-available language in order to rank every country around by their sex toy searches.

Considering we Brits are usually labelled prudish, finishing fifth isn't too shabby.

So carry on with your online searches and hopefully next year we'll come first.

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