The majority of British women find sex toys more satisfying than their partner

Science says so

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Science says so

Sometimes it’s easier to reach for a toy than it is a partner and it seems like the rest of Britain is inclined to agree. A new sex study by Mr & Mrs Toy has shown that more than half of women in the UK think that their sex toys are more effective at getting their rocks off, finding them way more satisfying than their partners.

After the makers of the O-WAND surveyed 2,044 people across the UK, it turns out that 2 in 5 women occasionally find sex toys better than their other half while 1 in 6 definitively cracked down and said they were always more satisfying.

It’s no surprise that plastic playmates are popular in the UK, as there's less than a fifth of British women satisfied with their sex lives and a number of ultimate sex toys for women on the market. However, it turns out that only 44% of singles own one for solo play whereas a whopping 70% in a relationship own one to spice things up in the sack - dominating the market. Regardless of whether or not someone was in a relationship however, a fifth of people agreed that using sex toys brought them the most pleasure.

sex toys in the bedroom

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But who’s more likely in a relationship to initiate bringing toys into the bedroom? Well, it turns out that men will typically start the conversation with 1 in 5 suggesting it within two months. On the other hand, women are likely to want to wait until four months in to bust out the vibes and other best sex toys for couples.

Gordon Goodall, the director of Mr & Mrs Toy, said, ‘Couples up and down the country are turning to sex toys to create a buzz between the sheets. The power of masturbating with a partner shouldn’t be underestimated – it is a fantastic way to learn about each other’s bodies and can help improve your sex life. Rather than a rival, a sex toy can be your best friend in the sack!’

Well, all we needed was a little external validation. Guess it’s time to have that conversation...

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