Pyjamas with your dog's face on now exist and they are pawfect

pyjamas your dog's face

Obsessed with your dog? Already bought the dog slippers made to look exactly like your fur baby? Invested in matching best friend dog and owner necklaces? Dress your good boy in all the best bits from the Disney pet collection?

Of course you do.

If the bond between you and your doggo is solid, you've probably spent your evenings in isolation shopping for good boy goodies. And if you really want to show off just how much you love your cute canine, things just got even better.

Dog gift site Dogsy sells personalised pyjamas with your pet pooch's face on them, and they are a dog owner's dream.

There are a range of pyjama styles, whether you're a fan of oversized t-shirts, shorts and tank tops or a long leg and hoodie for the cooler months.

pyjamas with your dog's face

Credit: Dogsy

Not only do you have the option to put your pet's face on them, you can also add your own if you have any pictures of the pair of you together (which, no doubt, you do).

All you have to do is choose your favourite set and upload a photo of your doggo and Dogsy will get the perfect pj's all sorted for you.

If you have two pups, no problem - just upload a photo of them together. Simple.

pillow with your dog's face

Credit: Dogsy

Remember to attach a high res, full-faced portrait for the best outcome.

The items are made from a mix of Polyester and Cotton French Terry Jersey, with prices starting at £39.99.

And if that really isn't enough, you can get puppy pillowcases, puppy pillows, dog mugs, coasters, aprons, chopping boards - so you can really go to town and get your dog's face plastered all over your home.

Because why not?

Just head to the website and start browsing (honestly, you won't regret it).

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