These are the sweet old fashioned baby names set to make a comeback

Classic and cute!

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To say that choosing the perfect moniker for your newborn is difficult is an understatement - do you go for the luckiest baby name, the smartest baby names one of the most ‘beautiful’ baby names according to science?

Instead of spending hours wondering what to name the bundle of joy coming your way, listen up: classic old fashioned names from 100 years ago are now making a comeback. 

Names go in and out of style as quick as the seasons change, and while names like Dick and Eileen haven't topped the lists in a while, after 100 years in the back seat they are now reigaining popularity - and these old fashioned monikers are a sure fire way to make your baby's name a little unique. 

Research by nursery retailer Kiddies Kingdom analysed data from the Office of National Statistics to predict which names will be making a comeback in the near future. They anaylsed the most popular names from 1904-1924 and compared them to how many little ones names matched in 2021. 

Can not wait to find out the names on the predicted list? 

Get ahead of the curve, keep scrolling and claim your name before from the list below...

Old fashioned baby names for girls 2022

1. Annie

2. Ethel

3. Hazel

4. Marjorie

5. Martha

6. Millicent

7. Nora

8. Nellie

9. Sylvia

10. Vera

The baby name Marjorie saw a 133% increase in popularity from 2020, which is only set to rise. For the boys, Basil was up 75% from 2020. Keep scrolling for the full list of predicted boys name predicted to make a comeback. 

Old fashioned baby names for boys 2022

1. Basil

2. Bernard

3. Gilbert

4. Herbert

5. Leonard

6. Percival

7. Raymond

8. Roland

9. Sidney

10. Victor

Sure Grandad Gilbert will be happy about that one! 

Which will you chose?

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