Here are the top 10 most beautiful cars

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  • Erin Baker, Editorial Director at Auto-Trader takes a look at the best and most beautiful cars

    Car design is becoming more important as diesel and petrol engines phase out and we all end up essentially driving the same car – one with a battery and motors. Brands are focusing on interior and exterior style and materials in a major way, with some amazing results, so it’s good news for those of us who appreciate a bit of grace alongside the pace.

    Honda e

    Futuristic tech packaged in a four-wheeled retrospective piece of art. vibrant body colours, laid-back grey and brown lounge vibe inside. And a digital aquarium moving across the dashboard.

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    Peugeot 208

    Proof that beauty can be contained in a small but perfectly formed package. Sporty lights and vents, chunky bodywork and graceful rotating digital graphics inside. Looks excellent in electric blue.

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    Ferrari Roma

    The most beautiful Ferrari ever penned: discuss. All the proportions of a very fast, very powerful Italian GT but without the extraneous fuss of aerodynamic frills. Brilliantly understated, very modern. Should age well.

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    Land Rover Defender

    Can a mud-plugging Land Rover ever really be termed “beautiful”? Yes: the new Defender is the proof. Intelligent re-imagining of a post-war utilitarian workhorse into a gorgeous, friendly box of delights. Pale interiors are paired with tough, honest fabrics.

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    Polestar 2

    A more interesting take on the Tesla Model 3 offers a large grille, split headlights making to those found on sister brand Volvo, single thin LED strip at the rear boomeranging round the tail lights and chunky coupe roof line. The inside is clean and grown-up. Highly desirable.

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    Aston Vantage Roadster

    Ignore, if you can, the styling disaster that is the interior of Astons these days and focus instead on one of the most beautiful car silhouettes of all time. The huge wheels dominate the body which creeps in a thin line over the top, staying low on the horizon, Our test car was bullet grey with a red fabric roof: outstanding.

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    Lamborghini Huracan Evo

    Lamborghinis are best known for being bonkers rather than beautiful, but the Huracan Evo is perfectly formed and looks utterly splendid in pale blue with a dark red roof and tan leather seats inside. (Check out the Female Advisory Board – FAB – podcast series featuring some inspiring women at

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    McLaren GT

    The GT, the most female-friendly McLaren to date, takes the standard McLaren swoops and curves and elongates the body, like a wild cat stretching out, with all the feline grace that image implies. It’s wide, bold and striking, with more space and comfort inside than ever before.

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    Mazda, the Japanese brand that makes the MX-5 sports car, flies under the radar much of the time but the new Mazda3 family hatchback looks great, especially in the brand’s deep metallic red that sparkles in the sunlight. It drives nicely too, with great petrol engines.

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    Ford Mach-E

    That makes two sexy SUVs on this list, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. While the Defender builds on a solid lifestyle legacy, the Mach-E celebrates the dynamic future of electric power with a very sporty take on the world’s favourite car shape: the SUV. We can’t wait to drive it early in 2022.

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