Victoria Beckham’s surprising change to her exercise routine is going viral - for all the right reasons

More doesn't always = better.

Victoria Beckham workout
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More doesn't always = better.

For many, reading up on celebrity workouts is a great way to gain both inspiration and structure for their workout routines. Sure, they're not a replacement for getting advice from a qualified PT or programme, but seeing as most celebs hire professionals to structure their sweat sessions for them, it can be a good alternative.

In celebrity health news today, former Spice Girls singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham has posted a rare insight into her workout routine on social media.

Not normally one to disclose her workout or nutrition preferences, she's recently been sharing more of a behind-the-scenes insight on her social channels.

While the mother of four has stereotypically been a cardio fan and worked out for seemingly OTT amounts of time - she spoke about running being her workout of choice to The Guardian previously, adding that she can spend up to two hours a day working out - it seems she's taken a new approach this year.

She posted a photo of her doing an overhead squat - a form of weight training used in Olympic lifting - alongside some hip stretches and TRX rows.

Victoria Beckham workout

"It was becoming apparent to her that the benefits from her own training routines had become minimal," Bobby Rich, a performance coach, and fitness consultant who has been working with Victoria, told Women's Health. "Despite spending daily 90+ minute sessions in the gym she was purely maintaining her fitness levels rather than improving in other meaningful ways. She was ready for a change."

"Depending on what block of training we’re carrying out, the sessions vary anywhere between 35 to 90 minutes. An important point I wanted her to understand – and that most people struggle with – is that a 35-minute session can at times be more beneficial than a 90-minute session. But we got over that hurdle pretty quickly!," Rich said to WH.

In short, Victoria realised that it's quality over quantity when it comes to working out, now opting for far shorter sessions but working out more efficiently. One important learning from her new routine? More doesn't always = better, and overtraining is a very real risk (NHS guidelines advise five 30 minutes bursts of exercise a week).

Victoria Beckham workout

So, what made her decide to mix up her routine? Speaking to Women's Health, Rich says she has been training with weights for six months now in an effort to actively improve, rather than maintain, her fitness.

He shares that she came to him after "hitting a fitness wall", keen to take up a new sport and try something new.

Apparently, Victoria was a little nervous that lifting weight might make her bulky - ah, that age-old myth - but Rich says that ultimately, it was a challenge Victoria was happy to be proven wrong about. "Her concerns were short-lived," he explains.

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