We tested the entire new Sweaty Betty range - and reckon it's the perfect summer kit for any type of workout

Tried and tested by Team MC UK.

Sweaty Betty Rewilding range: Sofia, Ally and Valeza testing
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If you're someone who works out regularly, you'll know that Sweaty Betty is a mainstay on the fit kit scene - and for good reason. The UK-based brand has long prioritised designing chic, x and x workout clothes that actually perform, too, with different ranges for runners, strength training, Pilates, and leisure, too. That's why, when I saw the new Sweaty Betty Rewilding range, designed for sunny summer workouts, outdoor hikes, and everything from low to high-impact sweat sessions, I couldn't wait to put the kit to the test.

The brand hits that illusive sweet spot, you see, between practicality and performance, fashion and function, with cult-favourites from the Power range holding you in in all the right places, sweat-wicking well, while also looking stylish for brunch with the girls, too. 

I'm extremely fussy when it comes to workout gear and have tested 1000's of products over the course of my career. "Perfect" gym kit is pretty hard to find, but I've made it my life mission to connect you with products that genuinely perform and will last a lifetime, too. 

So, what's different about the new range? Good question. The new range spans shorts, leggings, bras and tops in a fun variety of animal prints including leopard and zebra.

Eager as ever to make sure you get the full lowdown on the new kit, I roped in my other Marie Claire UK Health Writers to sweat test. Over the course of several workouts, walks, and, well, brunches, we saw how the shorts, leggings, jumper, and two different bras held up.

Will they make the cut in our edit of the best Sweaty Betty products ever? Well, you'll have to keep scrolling to find out.

Testing process

Keen to know what we actually look for when we test kit here at MC UK? Personally, I feel the following is absolutely imperative to a "good" bit of fit kit:

  • Sweat-wicking ability and breathability: If you're working out, you want to be in clothes that not only keep you cool, but sweat-wick moisture, too. 
  • Comfort: Similarly, you can only perform at your best if you feel your best. Kit needs to be comfortable enough while still offering the all-important support (see my next point).
  • Support: Does the kit hold you in and make you feel supported and secure? Does the waistband sag or roll down, and are the bras suitable for low, medium or high impact? 
  • Pockets: I'm a stickler for pockets and refuse to wear leggings or shorts that don't offer at least one option for my phone, keys and so on.
  • Price point: Is the kit affordable, and if it's more expensive, it is good value for money based on how much wear you'll get out of it? 

We tried the entire new Sweaty Betty Rewilding range: Ally's thoughts

Sweaty Betty Rewilding range: Sofia, Ally and Valeza testing

(Image credit: Ally Head)

Power 6" Cycling Shorts in Brown Luxe Leopard

What Senior Health Editor Ally Head thought when testing: "I'm seriously fussy when it comes to workout kit, and not just that, workout shorts in particular. Too short or too long and they're uncomfortable. Not sweat-wicking enough, and you're left feeling clammy and cold. Plus don't even get me started on the various waistband options on the market."

"The Sweaty Betty Power shorts are really great, though, and it's easy to see why they're a best-seller. With a supportive but not restrictive high waist detail, multiple pockets, and seriously effective sweat-wicking ability, they manage to simultaneously offer a barely there feeling while also leaving you feeling incredibly held in and supported.

"I'm a big fan of this eye-catching summer leopard print - it's giving Pat Butcher in the best way - but if you're not, they also have more neutral colourways on sale, too."

"Only cons to note: I'm 5 ft 2" and the 6" inch leg length sat about halfway down my thigh, which might mean they're not the best investment for those of you who are taller or prefer a longer length short. That said, they do have a range of options. Sometimes it does get a bit frustrating only having a pocket on one of your legs (I'm constantly forgetting which side it is and trying to shove my phone down a side of the design that doesn't have a pocket), other than that, there's really not anything to fault."

Power Contour Plunge Bra in Brown Luxe Leopard Print

What Senior Health Editor Ally Head thought when testing: "Again, I'm fussy when it comes to sports bras. I spent most of my early teens wearing low impact yoga bras for long distance running because they looked cute, but did you know? Breasts undergo more G force during an activity like running than a F1 car, meaning it's absolutely crucial you give your body the right support."

"This bra, though, seems to meet a sweet spot, offering a surprising amount of support while still looking cute. While this might not be the case for those of you with bigger boobs, I'm a B/C cup and felt the bra worked really well to hold everything in place for low, medium and high impact workouts. I tested over a hike, yoga, and a run and felt like it fared well for all three sports."

"I'm a bit obsessed with the scallop detail trim and plunge neckline, too, and got plenty of compliments on it when I wore with the matching shorts."

Valeza's thoughts

Sweaty Betty Rewilding range: Sofia, Ally and Valeza testing

(Image credit: Sweaty Betty)

Power Medium Support Sports Bra in Black Waved Zebra Print

What Shopping Editor Valeza Bakolli thought when testing: "More of a yoga and Pilates girlie, I usually prefer low-impact sports bras, which I find more comfortable, but I can honestly say that this is the most comfortable high-impact sports bra I’ve ever worn. I have a fuller bust, and this holds everything in comfortably and securely."

"I’m a huge fan of the adjustable feature at the back which allows for an extra tailored fit, and the thickness of the straps make me feel secure while doing higher intensity workouts and yoga poses alike. This bra is stretchy, comfortable and lightweight as well as incredibly flattering."

Power Gym Leggings in Black Waved Zebra Print

What Shopping Editor Valeza Bakolli thought when testing: "This is the first pair of Sweaty Betty Power leggings I’ve owned, and I can confirm: they live up to the hype. They feel incredibly lightweight and comfortable thanks to the 4-way stretch, but, unlike other printed leggings I’ve tried in the past, the pattern doesn’t stretch and warp awkwardly when I squat or move around."

"In terms of fit, the full-length style falls right on the ankle on me (I’m 5ft 4), and it has a comfortable high-waisted design. Further features of note include a deep side pocket, handy zipped back pocket and concealed drawstring waist fastening if you’d like a little extra security during runs and high-intensity workouts. Also, how cute is this zebra print? It’s the perfect balance of statement-making and somehow still neutral - I’m obsessed."

Sofia's thoughts 

Sweaty Betty Rewilding range: Sofia, Ally and Valeza testing


(Image credit: Sweaty Betty)

Power Gym Leggings in Brown Luxe Leopard Print

What Fashion Writer Sofia Piza thought when testing: "I’ve been a massive fan of Sweaty Betty’s Power leggings for a while now. They feel super comfortable on the skin and have a great sweat-wicking fabric that feels cool during high-intensity workouts. I do feel like they are true to size but I would recommend opting for the high-waisted model if you prefer a high-rise that is more compressing for extra comfort."

"Another massive plus was the super trendy pattern. I may or may not have already paired the leggings with a blazer and trainers for the office...."

What Fashion Writer Sofia Piza thought when testing: "I had my suspicions prior to testing this bra as I’m not too fond of V-cut sports bra designs in general. However, it felt super comfortable and flattering when I tested it over a few separate Pilates sessions."

"I would flag that, as someone with larger breasts, I likely wouldn't wear it for high-impact workouts - I like to feel held in and supported and so normally opt for higher neck options. That's not to say that the bra didn't feel compact and supportive - I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn't feel any movement during the workouts I did wear it for, but personal preference means for higher impact workouts, I would probably opt for something a little less low cut. It's definitely a good go-to for low-impact workouts, though, and for wearing under a white shirt for brunch with the girls."

Which Sweaty Betty item did we think was best when testing?

The Power leggings were tested by all three team members and got rave reviews - supportive, sweat-wicking, and seriously comfortable too, we reckon they're a great investment for years to come.

Ally Head
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