How Eva Longoria's go-to piece of workout kit - available for just £1.99 - could help you smash your fitness goals

Leg day just got a whole lot more interesting...

Eva Longoria

Leg day just got a whole lot more interesting...

If you're in need of some New Year motivation, look no further than Eva Longoria's Instagram page. It's no secret that we are big fans of the star, with our obsession starting way back in 2004 when Desperate Housewives first aired - feel old yet? Our love for the 46-year-old continues to grow, and she is always inspiring us to get our bodies moving with her fun home workout videos.

From her famous trampoline routines to some seriously impressive headstands, there's no stopping the star, and her latest video will have you grabbing your best gym leggings in no time. Sharing her killer leg workout with her millions of followers, Eva can be seen doing sets of goblet squats, crab walks, curtsy lunges, single leg glute bridges, hip thrusts, step ups and cable kickbacks. She captioned the video: "First leg day of the year", and we can already feel our thighs burning.

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How to try Eva Longoria's workout

Fancy trying Eva Longoria's workout for yourself? Alongside her bright blue gym kit, Eva can be seen using a resistance band to take her gym sesh to the next level, and we don't blame her.

They might not look like much, but these stretchy pieces of kit help to activate muscles and build strength, and you can purchase your own for just £1.99. Better yet, why not check out our guide to the best resistance bands to get your ultimate sweat on.


ULTRA FITNESS Hip Circle Resistance Glute Booty Band, £1.99 | Amazon
These resistance bands come in a range of different colours, sizes and strengths, from intermediate to advance. They are also latex free, providing a comfortable workout with serious results.

Resistance bands work by engaging your muscles as you push against the band, fighting tension and promoting muscle growth. You can use them to engage a range of different areas, from glutes to abs and arms.

It seems that Eva's fans were eager to try them out for themselves, with one commenting: "Yaaaaaas, cause I HATE leg day so much... but this is how it's done ladies". Whether you look forward to leg day or not, these bands are bound to improve your workout.

Keep the videos coming, Eva.

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