Need a little extra support? These are officially the 9 best sports bras for big boobs

Fitness pros and exercise lovers swear by these bras.

Best sports bras for big boobs: Chloe Woods testing some of the best sports bras for big boobs
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On the hunt for the best sports bras for big boobs but want to ensure they'll actually offer adequate support? While we all know that investing in the best sports bra is important - and the best high intensity sports bra even more so - the perfect fit is even more crucial for those with larger breasts. 

Did you know that boob size can impact your activity levels? Research has found that the bigger a woman's boobs, the less exercise - especially vigorous exercise - they do. That's according to a 2019 study from the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, which found women with larger boobs believed that their breast size prevented them from exercising easily in sports from walking to running. 

"Finding the right sports bra can influence how comfortable and confident you are in the type of movement you choose to do," says Chloe Woods, dance teacher and founder of @fullerbustinspo. "I know first-hand that great-fitting sports bras have allowed me to feel confident with performance, as I don’t need to be conscious about bust movement or spillage."

One important thing to note here: the activewear industry is not inclusive enough - period. Gym kit for all bodies isn't easy to access, but there are some stand-out brands changing the game out there. However, because the best sports bras for big boobs are still relatively few and far between, sustainability credentials often get lost. Hopefully, the industry will catch up in terms of inclusivity and sustainability, but for more eco-friendly kit, read our edit of the best sustainable sports brands.

Testing process

We asked three fitness pros - yoga instructor Puravi Joshi, spin teacher and fitness PR Naomi White, and dance teacher and founder of Fuller Bust Inspo Chloe Woods - to share the bras they've worn time and time again. 

They all have bigger busts and workout regularly, meaning they know which brands make a supportive, sweat-wicking, comfortable sports bra (and which don't). 

What we looked for in the best sports bras for bigger boobs:

  • Band and cup sizes: While some brands fit bras by S/M/L etc categories, others cater to bra sizes which can be better for people with big boobs. Why? Well, it ensures that your bra fits properly and offers adequate support. 
  • Price point: Before buying anything, you need to take the price point into consideration. Most sports bras are a bit of an investment, but all the choices below are worth the price, according to our pros.
  • Coverage: The type of coverage you require often comes down to personal preference, but details like high necklines and underwiring will offer more support and coverage. Opt for whatever feels most comfortable for you and your body. 
  • Design: Other elements that matter in a bra include the straps - thick and crossed-back designs can help with support.

Best sports bras for big boobs: 9 to shop now 

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