Best Hangover Cures

Best hangover cures: 15 fail-safe tips & tricks to banish it

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  • Over-indulged at the weekend? Struggling to cope with the your red wine hangover? Cure it now with these top tips.

    Hangover cures: An essential coping mechanism for an overindulgent weekend, am I right? And, especially essential when struggling to cope with the festive season hangover that seems to pretty much last all month long, thanks to makeshift Christmas dinners, office parties and reunions with old friends – and plenty of wine.

    Do you consistently find yourself in a ‘ground-swallow-me-up’ mode every Sunday (and even the odd Saturday, or Tuesday for that matter)? Well don’t let hangovers ruin one more of your days, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Oh, and if you’re hungover at work right now, we feel you.

    We’ve all developed our own trusted treatments over the years – lining the stomach with milk, not mixing drinks, eating toast before bed, attempting to drink a litre of water before falling asleep – but which are the best when you’ve (um, accidentally) had one too many and the room is spinning before you?

    We’ve got you covered. Discover our recommended remedies for the morning after (plus the ones that you should follow the night before) to make sure you’re not suffering from a sore head in the morning.

    What causes a hangover?

    Dark drinks

    Avoid dark coloured drinks like red wine and brandy, and stick to lighter colours. These contain less chemicals called ‘congeners’ which cause the worst kind of hangovers.

    How to avoid a hangover

    Alternate drinks

    Drink one soft drink for every one alcoholic you consume, as this will help balance out the dehydrating effects of the alcohol – preferably not fizzy, though, as sugary drinks speed up the absorption of alcohol is into your bloodstream. Drink a pint of water before bed, and one each hour for the next day, to help rehydrate your body.


    Whether it’s trying to work through a hangover the day after the office party, or getting up early to see the in-laws on a Sunday, we’ve all been there. The best defence? Sleep. Although it’s easier said than done, more sleep means less of a hangover as it’s the best way for your body to concentrate on recovery!

    Eat before you drink

    It’s age old advice, but lining your stomach really does help ward off the dreaded hangover. And, it’s the perfect excuse to tuck into carb-laden foods every once in a while, as they are digested slower and will help stop the alcohol from irritating your stomach. A cooked breakfast in the morning will also help to give you an energy boost, plus eggs and meat are rich in cysteine, an amino acid that helps clear out toxins. Yum.

    Best hangover cure drinks

    Coconut water

    Because as well as hydration, what your body needs is for you to build up your electrolytes again. It’s why sports drinks and coconut water are a good option to drink as soon as you get home.

    Grapefruit juice

    And then, when you wake up, make sure you have some orange and/or grapefruit juice stocked in your fridge as this will help get all your natural sugars back in your body. Basically, we’ve got you covered. Read on for all our tips and tricks to help get you through and get you back to best.

    Juices in general

    Freshly squeezed juice is full of vitamins that will give your body a boost and improve dipping energy levels. If you can’t face an acidic glass of orange juice, try watering it down, or making a soothing smoothie with banana and yoghurt.


    Some argue that coffee doesn’t help a hangover at all because it will only cause more dehydration, but a new study has found that caffeine reacts against the chemical compounds of ethanol, or pure alcohol, to help relieve the main hangover symptom – a headache.

    Ginger tea

    If you tend to suffer from nausea when hungover, ginger is the key to your recovery. A cup of ginger tea or a glass of ginger beer will help settle a delicate stomach.

    Best hangover cure ever

    The outdoors

    This is definitely the last thing you’ll want to do when you’re feeling hungover, but going for a quick walk will help. Oxygen speeds up the metabolism, which will help those nasty toxins on their way – so get out and about, now.


    Ginseng is used to boost energy levels so can help to minimise that exhausted feeling that comes hand in hand with a heavy night out. Alternatively, take a ginseng supplement before your next party to help your body speed up the way it processes alcohol.

    Replace painkillers with supplements

    You might want to reach straight for the medicine cabinet the morning after the night before, but try not to. Aspirin and Ibuprofen can upset the stomach, and paracetamol will give your hard working liver even more to do. Remember, prevention is better than cure! However, if you want to take a few supplements, liver regenerating ones like Milk Thistle and Nac N-Acetyl Cysteine have been known to metabolise into glutathione, which is an antioxidant used by the liver to detoxify alcohol and help you get through that dreaded hangover. Or, for ease, a multi-vitamin like Hang Dr. promises replenish and revive your body.

    An American study has also found that pickly pear cactus extract helped hungover participants suffer less from sickness, dry mouth and appetite loss. It reduced symptoms by one fifth – so go on, give it a go.

    Best hangover cure food


    As well as causing dehydration, alcohol drains potassium out of your system. Bananas are the most potassium-rich snack we can think of so go ahead and treat yourself.

    Bouillon soup

    This thin vegetable broth is packed with all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to recover, plus it’s easy on the stomach. Great for when your feeling tender, and would struggle to digest a big meal.


    Gherkins are rich in nutrients including vitamin A, iron, potassium, vitamin K, calcium and manganese, so chewing on one could help replenish some of the essential vitamins your body has lost. Plus, it’s a great low calorie snack.

    So go on, you can enjoy just one more glass…

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