Harry Potter subscription boxes are now a thing and they look magical

harry potter subscription box

Apparently, Harry Potter fans make better partners - so if your love of the books and movies is still going strong you can rest assured that your magic obsession is actually good for you (and could mean you're a better person, too).

And if you're a Potterhead with a love for subscription boxes, you'll be thrilled to know that you can now get a monthly package of wonderful wizarding world goodies delivered straight to your door. Sound marvellous? Of course it does.

Geek Gear Boxes are every Harry Potter fan's dream, filled with official merch from the movies with the option of children or adult versions.

Boxes include a t-shirt, exclusive art print and at least four other products, and they can be personalised with your house colours so that Gryffindors don't end up with Slytherin hues and Hufflepuffs don't find themselves covered in the Ravenclaw colours.

Each box is valued at £50+, but prices start from £24.99. Bargain. You can choose to pay month to month, or prepay 3, 6 or 12 months to save some coin.

harry potter subscription box

Credit: Geek Gear Box

The boxes are delivered every month and ship after 21st.

Geek Gear Box's Simon Pretswell told Tyla: 'We owe our success to the incredibly passionate fandom that surrounds it.

'We started by posting out just a few boxes out every month, but the passion surrounding the Boy Who Lived means we now send thousands of boxes each month all over the world.

'It's great that Harry Potter fans are so enthusiastic about the franchise, heading to conventions, dressing up in cosplay, writing fan fiction and eagerly anticipating any new film, book or play they can get their hands on.

'We love to get our subscribers' input into what should go into the boxes, and if it's a good idea we'll often make it a reality.'

How very exciting!

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