Study says that if you've read Harry Potter, you're probably a better person


harry potter


Ah, Harry Potter. The cornerstone of any good Christmas telly binge. As the cold nights draw in and the John Lewis Christmas advert starts playing during every ad break, you'll find us snuggled up on the sofa drinking a glass of red and listening to Mariah Carey on repeat.

But the countdown really isn't the same without the magical wizarding world. Without HP and the gang, is it really even Christmas?

And Potterheads will be glad to know that those who have read the books are actually nicer people according to a recent study. Knew it.

Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology claims that Harry Potter fans are more accepting and understanding of others, due to the nature of the subject matter.

harry potter

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In the books, Voldemort is attempting to rule the wizarding world and those within the magical realm who are not 'pure blood' witches and wizards are often looked down upon. Hermione Granger, a witch with 'muggle' parents, is mocked by Draco Malfoy and called a 'mudblood' - a highly derogatory term.

According to the report, 'reading the Harry Potter series significantly improved young people's perception of stigmatised groups like immigrants, homosexuals or refugees.'

J. K. is very vocal about what she stands for, consistently promoting tolerance and social justice on Twitter and other social media platforms, so it makes sense that her books would also encourage the readers to do the same.

Feeling pretty smug now, Potterhead? Same.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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