White chocolate Twix are now a thing and they're already in the UK


white chocolate twix


This year is set to be a good'un. There's a royal baby on the way, the last ever season of Game of Thrones is hitting our screens and the Motorola Razr is making a comeback.

So far, so good.

And things are only going to get better. We've got some Monday news that'll make your week - you can now get hold of white chocolate Twix in the UK. Yep, that's right - you should be able to get your hands on the sweet treat at your local supermarket, no travel to the USA required.

The twist on the classic shortbread, caramel and chocolate combo has been spotted on this side of the pond. A few months ago, British shoppers found some white chocolate Twix minis, but now the full-sized versions have been cropping up across stores in the UK.

Instagram account InstaFoodieTwins shared the good news with the world when they posted a photograph of the bars in their local supermarket, writing: 'Look what's now available in @asda.'

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The white chocolate Twix was originally launched as a limited edition product back in 2016, but it proved so popular that people were soon selling them on eBay for ridiculous amounts. Mars decided to make them a permanent fixture a year later - but they were only available in the US. Thankfully they've decided to sell them in the UK once again, and we can't cope.

Social media has been awash with excited white chocolate Twix fans, with one writing: 'THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE A JOKE. I'm going to find them and destroy them alllllllllll.'


Jadie Troy-Pryde
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