Kit Harrington was 'sick' of Game of Thrones by the time filming finished

'It seemed to be designed to break us.'

game of thrones season 8

'It seemed to be designed to break us.'

Game of Thrones is coming back so soon.

And this week, we were treated to another teaser from the upcoming season, showing Sansa, Arya and Jon in the Stark crypt looking at statues remarkably like themselves before the White Walker frost has them trapped. The suspense! The chills! The uncertainty about whether or not Jon's man bun will live to tell the tale!

However, actor Kit Harrington, who plays the unknowingly incestuous former King of the North, reveals that by the time filming for the finale had finished, he was over it. Yes, that's right - Westeros' golden boy was 'sick' of the show.

It must have been pretty gruelling. Apparently, the actors play out fake scenes that will never actually make it into the final cut in order to reduce the chances that the actual ending will leak. On top of that, they've got to keep up with their characters journeys. Is Sansa a goodie? Does Daenerys find out she's Jon's aunt? What the hell is Cersei plotting?

There's so much to keep up with, no wonder the cast were exhausted by the end.

Talking to GQ Australia, he said: 'The last season of Thrones seemed to be designed to break us. Everyone was broken at the end. I don’t know if we were crying because we were sad it was ending or if we were crying because it was so f*cking tiring. We were sleep deprived.'

He continued: 'It was like it was designed to make you think, "Right, I’m f*cking sick of this."

'I remember everyone walking around towards the end going, "I’ve had enough now. I love this, it’s been the best thing in my life, I’ll miss it one day—but I’m done."'

Well, Kit, we're not. In fact, we're counting down the days until April 14th (it's 89, FYI).

In the mean time, we'll just be reading Game of Thrones spoilers and hoping that Jaime makes it to wherever he wandered off to in season 7.

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