The new food trends you need to know for 2017

Kale. It's a bit two years ago. Here's what the future of food looks like, according to head chef at Bourgee, Tania Da Silva

Kale. It's a bit two years ago. Here's what the future of food looks like, according to head chef at Bourgee, Tania Da Silva

Time to meet the new food trends of 2017. Step aside courgette spaghetti, deconstructed burgers and 'clean eating', there's a new way to eat. We asked Tania Da Silva, Head Chef at steak & lobster restaurant Bourgee for a run down of how we'll be eating next year. Here are the new food trends for 2017. Happy eating, y'all.


'The health benefits of charcoal are becoming more well-known, particularly in the field of detoxing. However, I see 2017 as being the year charcoal becomes a key player in the kitchen. At Bourgee we use a Josper Charcoal Grill for everything from steak & lobster to vegetables and even eggs, giving a delicate smoky edge to all our food. The unique flavour is set to transform how we cook.'

Good fats

'2016 saw the start of the ‘good fat’ revolution as people began to realise that full fat dairy is no longer the health enemy. This awareness is set to continue into 2017 with everyone tucking in to good quality butter, yoghurt & cheese. At Bourgee, we’re so committed to the cause we even make our own delicious butters.'

Healthy convenience food

'Consumer demand for fresh, exotic and healthy meals is on the up and, as a result, I predict we will see a further rise in food delivery services. Rather than unhealthy fast food, consumers will want tasty, balanced meals that have the same speed as ready meals and takeaways. When it comes to key ingredients within these meals - grilled meats, pimiento de padron and Himalayan pink salt will come out on top.'

Free-from foods

'Free-from gluten, wheat and dairy foods are slowly moving away from being relegated to those with intolerances and are fast becoming the selected choice of many. This trend is set to continue in 2017 as consumers become more aware of their own bodies and food manufacturers adapt to meet demand. My team of chefs spend a huge amount of time developing our gluten-free menus to ensure all visitors get the same affordable luxury experience.'

Sharing foods

'Forget traditional three-course meals, in 2017, sharing is caring! Think sharing platters and bowl foods, such as tapas, which give you a little bit of everything with a much more relaxed approach to dining. Our Tommahawk steak (1kg steak on the bone ideal for two people) is already proving to be a huge hit in our new Chelmsford branch of Bourgee.'

Bourgee Chelmsford is open now

Tracy Ramsden