Lidl are selling magnums of wine for £7.99

On your marks, get set...

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On your marks, get set...

Words by Ally Head

Yes, you read that right. Just in time for the weekend, budget supermarket giant Lidl are stocking cheap-as-you-like (but still really good) magnums of red wine.

The best bit? The 1.5 litre bottles are on sale for less then ten pounds each. Did somebody say bargain alert?

Head into any Lidl stored and you can get your hands on their highly rated Nero d'Avola or more classic Chinati blend for £7.99 and £9.99, respectively.

Both of the magnums on offer are wines made in Italy, to help you beat those Storm Dennis blues.

Not sure which will be right to pair with your dinner this evening? Let us help. The £7.99 Nero d'Avola option is a full-bodied, slightly spicy red, great for enjoying with steak or pie. On the other hand, the £9.99 Chianti has a more rich flavour, hitting your palate with dry cherry notes. This one is best paired with a tomato-based dish or pasta. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the wine served from a traditional straw basket. Neat.

Aldi are selling magnums of red wine for £7.99

Lidl's red wine magnums currently on offer

If you're not a big drinker and would prefer to spend your cash elsewhere (read up on the benefits of giving up alcohol, here), their rival Aldi are also currently stocking £4.99 1kg tubs of Nutella in time for Pancake Day, plus these booze-tastic adult Easter eggs to make all your gin and chocolate dreams come true. Don't say you weren't warned....

Savings wise? You're in for a treat, as you'll save a whole £2 if you buy the Nero d'Avola rather than purchasing two average sized bottles.

As always with Lidl products, the magnums will be available until stocks last. The supermarket runs on a first come, first served basis, working from an 'until stocks last model' and rarely restocking the same products twice.

Red wine magnums sound like a little bit of you? Make sure you get down quick.

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