PSA: Harry Potter-inspired tea and coffee just launched in a whole range of magical flavours

No, we're not joking and yes, we need it now, too

Etsy Harry Potter tea
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No, we're not joking and yes, we need it now, too

Sadly, due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, you're likely to be spending a lot of time indoors 'social distancing' for the foreseeable. Recent governmental guidelines advise isolating yourself from other humans and staying indoors unless it's strictly necessary to leave, for example, to get groceries or prescription medication.

So, why not make light of the situation by stocking up (responsibly: no stockpiling necessary) with some fun goodies for the house. Like? Harry Potter tea and coffee. Of course.

Following the news last week that a Harry Potter reboot might be on the cards, magic beans are now on the market, ladies and gentlemen, and available to buy online at the Etsy shop 9andthreequartersco. For the bean snobs amongst you, there are loads of different coffee blends on offer, all influenced by the wizarding world and Harry Potter himself.

Nine and Three Quarters Coffee, from £8.05

Harry Potter teas

All the names take inspiration from J.K. Rowling's fictional world; from 'espresso patronum', to 'butter brew', to 'brew that must not be named', there are flavours for every Potterhead.

The 'espresso patronum' coffee blend is, as you may have guessed, an espresso blend, promising to provide a smooth and chocolatey cup of coffee with a slightly fruity finish. The 'butter brew' coffee on the other hand, is a sweeter butterscotch flavour brew, taking inspiration from the beer the wizards drink at Hogsmede pub. More information about the other coffee flavours on their website.

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The blends are available in beans, grounds and French presses. If you do have questions about any of the products, the site urges you to get in contact with the 'Potions Masters' via email (or owl, if you'd prefer).

Keep your eyes peeled for special seasonal blends, like the festive 'Christmas at the Burrow' blend, a Christmas cup consisting of warm spice and red fruit notes. Blends are roasted and dropped every Wednesday, so that's the best way to discover the latest products.

Not a coffee fan or keen for a slightly less caffeinated cuppa? The Etsy store also sells a range of Harry Potter-inspired teas. Choose from a 'Burrow blend' and 'mandrake elixir'.

Harry Potter movie marathon, anyone?

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