So cheese-infused gin is now a thing - and it sounds intriguing

Would you try it?

Cheese infused gin

The countdown to Christmas is on, with just six weeks until Santa drops off his sack full of Missoma goodies (hopefully). 

But it's not just the beauty advent calendars and Black Friday deals we're looking forward to - it's the unique food and drinks offerings that really make the festive season. As the darker evenings draw in and the weather dips, there is nothing more appealing than a night in with Netflix, Christmas chocolate tins and a fun festive beverage.

But before you go straight for the mulled wine, how about opting for a cheese-infused gin?

Yes, you read that correctly. Derbyshire's Cuckoostone Distillery has collaborated with the Hartington Creamery to create cheese-infused gins - and a vodka - for anyone who fancies a unique Christmassy hybrid. 

While we've seen gin-infused cheeses on the supermarket shelves in recent years, it seems that Cuckoostone and Hartington are shaking things up with the reverse combo - and it sounds interesting

There's a gin, dry gin, pink gin and vodka on offer, with the alcoholic drinks infused with the whey that Hartington uses to make stilton.

Cheese infused gin


So what exactly does a cheesey gin taste like? Is it so bizarre that it might actually work for cheese and gin lovers across the globe?

Well, according to the Cuckoostone Distillery it doesn't actually have a cheese flavour - in fact the addition of the whey just changes the way that the alcohol feels when you drink it, rather than having a stilton-y bite to it. 

As reported via Tyla, it creates a "delicate creaminess" with Bec Morgan saying: "At Cuckoostone Craft Distillery, fresh whey is regarded as a botanical, just like juniper or fennel as it enhances the flavour.

"The spirits can be used to create a plethora of cocktails, and would work especially well in 'savoury' ones, such as a Bloody Mary and a Fennel Gimlet, thanks to the unique blend of ingredients."

If you want to try one of these unusual blends - or know a gin drinker who would love their favourite tipple with an unexpected twist - a 70cl bottle will usually set you back £39, but they're currently on sale for £35.

You can choose from either the Stilton Whey Vodka, Peakland Pink Gin, Peakland Dry Gin or the Devonshire Gold Old Tom Gin. 

Would you give it a go?

Perhaps cheesey gin is the whey forward...

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