These are the dreamiest easter eggs that we’re dying to get our hands on this year

We need ALL of these now.

Easter is fast-approaching, meaning hot cross buns, gold Lindt bunnies and creme eggs are returning to the shops.

Are we excited? Just a little bit – especially those of us who have given up chocolate for lent.

Disclaimer: For those people this might be a difficult read.

best Easter eggs

The most exciting part of Easter shopping is of course the selection of the dream Easter Egg, with 2019 serving up some cracking (get it?) offerings.

Are you shopping for a loved one? A child? A parent? A co-worker? Your boss? Or, like most of us, yourself? Well, whoever you’re buying for and whatever your budget, we’ve catered for everyone.

And whether you’re looking for the super luxe dark chocolate designer shells (you know, the ones that are more like artwork than food) or the classic Cadbury’s eggs that come with a mug (#nostalgia), we’ve got you covered.

Not to mention vegan chocolate lovers, there’s a whole other round up for you on the best vegan easter eggs to scour through – you’re welcome.

The most curveball eggs of 2019 have to be the solid cheddar Easter egg (umm YUM) and Aldi’s marmite offering (you’ll either love it or hate it).

And the prize for the most millennial offering has to go to Waitrose for their chocolate avocado (thankfully only avo-like in shape).

game of thrones easter egg

For Game of Thrones fans, there are dragon eggs – yes dragon eggs. And as always there are also some boozy offerings, from Baileys to even Prosecco infused shells.

But for the crème de la crème of Easter eggs, we’re going artisanal with this year’s offerings. We’re talking hand-piped shimmery pink shells from Betty’s, Venchi dark chocolate choco caviar and Booja Booja decorative eggs stuffed with powdered truffles.

We would recommend eating or being near chocolate while scrolling through the following – you are about to feel very hungry.

Now, sit back, browse and let your mouth water…

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