Ben and Jerry's launch ice cream with crisps in it and we're intrigued

ben and jerrys crisp flavour

The weather isn't exactly perfect for June right now, but the ice cream months are coming. Hopefully.

There are lots of cold treats on offer this year, from Percy Pig ice cream, to new Twister ice lollies to retro sweets ice creams.

And if you're willing to try something a little different, Ben and Jerry's have launched an ice cream with a sprinkling of crisps.

Yes, you read that correctly - crisps.

Chip Happens is the new limited edition flavour from everyone's favourite ice cream duo, made in partnership with Netflix baking show, Nailed It!

It's a tasty mix of chocolate ice cream, fudge pieces and crunchy crisps. We know that sweet and salty works - think salted caramel and those delightful bags of mixed sweet and salty popcorn. It will be a sweet, salty, rich and crunchy concoction that will possibly change your mind about crisps and ice cream.

Ben and Jerry's describe it as 'an ice cream as perfectly imperfect as the culinary masterpieces of Nailed It!'

Although it might sound a little strange, we are definitely intrigued and trust the masterminds to come up with something delicious, if unusual.

The Chip Happens ice cream will be launching in Asda this month at £4.50 a tub.

But, it's worth noting that it's a limited edition flavour so it won't be around for long.

Get ready to pick up a tub of the good stuff when it hits the shelves because we have a feeling it's going to be surprisingly popular.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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