This cross-body bag is officially the hottest product of the year so far and it's only £15

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Uniqlo Round mini shoulder bag
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As a fashion editor, it is almost a subconscious byproduct of the job to notice other people's outfits. Whether I am on my morning commute, out for dinner or wandering around the office, I am constantly on the lookout for great style, often taking a mental inventory of the outfit formulas I see. 

Over the last few months, I couldn't help but notice the sheer number of people carrying colourful, crescent-shaped cross-body bags made from soft nylon fabric. In fact, last week I spotted three iterations of the same bag on my morning commute alone and then one more once I got to the office (worn by our ever-so-chic, Health Editor, Ally Head). 

The bag in question is from Uniqlo, and as it turns out, has recently gone viral on TikTok. As it stands, the hashtag #UniqloBag currently has over 62 million views and is rising by the day. 

While my inclination was that the bag was extremely popular, this hunch was just confirmed by Lyst who named the item as the number one hottest product of the year so far. The fashion search platform releases an index of the hottest products each quarter and while the list is usually filled with coveted designer items, this is the first time a high-street buy has taken the top spot. 

Retailing for just under £15, the Uniqlo bag is the most affordable item to ever be featured on the Lyst Index. 


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Worn by influencers and fashion enthusiasts alike, Uniqlo's shoulder bag seems to be the It-item taking over the internet right now. So much so that Uniqlo's website has branded it as "the bag that went viral."

Available in an array of different colours, from standout shades like pink and yellow to more classic colours like beige and black, there is certainly an option no matter your personal aesthetic. 

The casual bag can be worn alongside almost anything in your everyday wardrobe, and while it might not be appropriate for dressier occasions, it is versatile enough to warrant regular wear. If you're looking for an everyday handbag, the Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder bag will certainly be money well spent. 

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Zoe Anastasiou
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