The 7 Rules Of Office-Appropriate Summer Dressing

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  • What is it about sunshine that makes people's dress sense go out of the window? We don't know about you, but we've spotted some most innapropriate summer office dressing over the last few weeks. We blame the heatwave.

    There are a few simple rules that we need to remember, people. Certain items are not, and never will be, ok to wear to the boardroom. Okay?

    1. Bandeau tops

    We don’t care whether it’s a top or a dress, it’s not acceptable to walk around with one’s shoulders, decolletage and chest out all at the same time. One of them is kind of fine but all three? No, no, no. Plus, when you sit behind a computer screen, it looks like you’re naked. Awks.

    2. Spaghetti straps

    The MC jury is out on this one. The consensus is that if your spaghetti top is made of a classy fabric (think: cotton, jersey or fine weave) then fine, but if it’s made of lace, leather or has any sort of studding, jewelling, fringing or see through aspect, then forget it. Far too night out at Pacha. But, it has to be said that one of our very senior MC staffers thinks spaghetti straps are never acceptable. The reason? ‘Too armpitty.’ She has a point, non?

    3. Crop tops

    It goes without saying really but crop tops in the office are just not on. We won’t get a tan inside, so it’s best we cover up. The only time a crop top is acceptable in an office environment is if it has a maxium of one centimetre of tummy flesh showing and worn with a very tailored full skirt or trouser. And it has to have sleeves – long or short, it doesn’t matter, as long as there are sleeves. Midriff and bare sholders in one = mega, mega non.

    4. Plastic flip flops

    They are just way too beachy/weekend-y/two-week package holiday in Spain-y. The only time they can be worn in the office is during that small 45 minute window when you’ve had a pedi and are waiting for the polish to dry.

    5. Very short denim shorts (AKA The Denim Knicker)

    Denim is casual anyway, so you’re already walking the taste tightrope when it comes to office-approriate attire. But, if they’re short and tight, it’s just one huge clanger waiting to happen. Inner thighs, butt cheeks (meugh) and dimply hips do not need to be aired during office time. Even if you have weeny tanned goddess pins, keep them covered because no one likes a show-off. If you are allowed to wear denim to the office, make sure they’re a maximum of two centimetres above the knee, are dark denim, without any rips, and they must be teamed with a brogue and white crisp shirt. It’s all about the pairings.

    6. Very short skirts

    It’s simple really: if you’re going to wear a very short skirt make sure you are: a) young and, b) wearing a very neat, covered up, classic demure top.

    7. Bikinis

    We hope that this goes without saying but under no circumstances must any form of actual swimwear be visable. Not even a halter strap tied round the back of the neck. It’s not ok. At all. Ever.

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