Queen Elizabeth II

Unbelievably glam photos of the Queen’s best style moments

A look back at the amazing fashion history of Queen Elizabeth II…

On February 6, Queen Elizabeth II will make history as she will be the first monarch to have reigned over Great Britain for 65 years – and in 90 years of being in the public eye, HRH has never put a sensibly heeled foot wrong in the sartorial stakes.

Year after year, ribbon cutting after gala diner after state visit, she offers a masterclass in how to stay chic, classic and most importantly of all, appropriately dressed without skimping on colour or glitz when needed.

Over the years, she has become famous for wearing bright, block colours, pearl necklaces, pristine white gloves, headscarves and plaid skirts. With her instantly recognisable style along with her synonymous Launer handbags, Queen Elizabeth II has even been the inspiration for an entire Dolce & Gabbana collection.

During her long reign, the Queen’s style has certainly evolved. From the smart dress coats she wore as a child to the statement turban-style hats of the 60s, she mixed things up but always remained true to her regal heritage.

One of her most fashionable moments (aside from that stunning wedding dress) came in the form of a stunning white ball gown with floral embellishment for her tour of America. Scroll for more of her Majesty’s best outfits.

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