A look back at the most stylish 90s TV characters

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  • Instead of watching new shows on Netflix (yes, yes, I know I need to watch Tiger King), the lockdown has had the opposite effect on me, making me want to revisit my teenage years by binging on all the 90s TV shows.

    Yep, Buffy, Friends, Ally McBeal, I almost forgot how good they were. Sure, some of them haven’t dated too well in terms of special effects or technology, however I am pleased to report that’s not the case with the protagonists’ fashion choices.

    Case in point, here’s a definite guide of the most stylish TV characters of the 90s.

    Buffy Summers (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer)

    Teenage Buffy was the queen of mini dresses, crop tops with printed trousers and choker necklaces. Her style remained great throughout the show, but I have a soft spot for the early years, especially the white dress she wore with a biker jacket in the finale of Season 1.

    Rachel Green (FRIENDS)

    Obviously working in fashion, Rachel Green is always the most stylish character on the sitcom (sorry Monica and Phoebe). The Ralph Lauren years were especially spot on, so much so that By Far issued its own Rachel bag as an ode to the character’s fondness of baguette bags. The show ended in 2004, but the 90s side of things were where Rachel really shone, thanks to tailored dresses, suits and even stylish tracksuit bottoms.

    Ally McBeal (Ally McBeal)

    You’d think having to wear suits every day would be quite limiting, but Ally McBeal rose to the challenge, always incorporating her quirky personality into her wardrobe, which translated into colourful suits and sassy details.

    Dana Scully (The X-Files)

    Another great suited heroine, Dana went down the more classic route, opting for oversized, masculine suits which I would totally wear now. Great trench coat collection too.

    Angela Chase (My so-called life)

    No one wore slip dresses over t-shirts and plaid shirts quite like Angela Chase.

    Hillary Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

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    So many hats, frilly gloves and outrageous ruffles, but also loads of chic designer suits and dresses.

    Prue Halliwell (Charmed)

    While Piper’s style was safe and Phoebe’s was a little too kooky, Prue’s hit that sweet spot. When she wasn’t suited and booted for her art curator job (those silk shirts though), she could be seen wearing cute cardigans and tank tops, as well as flattering midi dresses with wedge sandals.

    Kelly Kapwoski (Saved by the Bell)

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    Let’s be honest, we all wanted to be Kelly Kapowski, with her denim jackets and mini skirts, and crazy prints. Technically late 80s, but as the show ended in the early 90s, I’ve allowed it.

    Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

    You didn’t think I’d end this round-up without mentioning Carrie Bradshaw now did you? Her style was of course legendary throughout the show, which ended in 2004, however since this is a 90s round-up, I thought I’d focus on her early years, which included a lot of sexy little dresses, as well as more masculine oversized tailoring paired with fitted trousers.

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