This is the correct way to wash your lingerie

Have you been washing yours all wrong?

Ever wondered how to wash lingerie properly? Well, we finally have the answer. If you’ve got no clue when it comes to looking after your lingerie, this one’s for you.

Thanks to Allison Beale, Marketing and Brand Director of lingerie brand Journelle, who gave her advice on lingerie care on Bustle, we now have a comprehensive guide on how to wash our delicate undergarments properly. Which, if you’re spending a bomb on one item, is very important.

Make your bras ‘spoon’ when you store them

In other words, stack your bras into one another so that their cups keep their shape and don’t get crushed/damaged.

Or hang your lingerie up

Again, this helps with keeping the shape and preventing any breakage, so if you’ve got the wardrobe space to spare then try hanging your lingerie up rather than stuffed in a drawer.

how to wash lingerie

The way you store your lingerie is also very important

Don’t wash your bras after every wear

The guide recommends you wash your bra every seven wears, and rotate wearing with other bras. Washing breaks down the fabric and structure of your bras, so the longer you can leave it, the better!

Hand wash your lingerie

Because nice, lacy pieces of lingerie are so delicate, you shouldn’t be chucking them in the machine. It’s not as much of a faff as you might think: Simply fill a bowl with warm water and some washing detergent, swirl your underwear around a few times, wring it out and hang up to dry.

NEVER tumble-dry your lingerie

It sort of goes without saying that you shouldn’t machine dry anything you don’t want to shrink/ruin forever, so just to reiterate: Don’t do it.

So there you have it: These are all pretty simple steps you can take that will mean you won’t have to replace your lingerie so often, therefore saving you money. And that’s a win-win situation in anyone’s book.

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